Sunday, November 30, 2008

Some Light Housekeeping

I've been a lotta busy lately... so rather than continue to go to bed every night with this horrible feeling that I left the stove on or the front door unlocked... I figured I'd take care of a few items and maybe -- just maybe -- this OCD feeling will go away...

1) I was recently tagged by the ever awesome Brian Carter. Brian is a competitive optimizer who married his teacher. Seriously... he is really an optimizer... Anyway, if he was an avid reader of this blog, he would know that I had already been tagged with this meme. But I figured I'd lead him to the answers to The Six Things he doesn't know about his buddy, Sugar Pants. Especially since he was nice enough to do this to me:

2) The ladies over at One 2 One Marketing, Barbara Jones (no relation) and Arianne Segerman have been so kind and generous. They are the energy behind the Seal giveaway and were the Angels that bestowed me with that awesome Epson Artisan 800 that I love so much. They were also waiting for me to review a phenomenal voice recently, and because of my lack of structure in my life of late, I missed the date. So now, two weeks late... let me tell you... I am totally enjoying this CD, The Other Side of Me, by Linda Eder. I have been listening to her music all week. The first track, Let It Rain just makes me want to dance and be joyful. Track #11, Ghost reminds me of The Indigo Girls, which if you are fans of theirs, you will likely enjoy this CD. ((Haha... turns out Ghost was a remake of The Indigo Girls' song... told ya it sounded like them!!)) When I first heard the music samplings, I thought... this is a little bit country, but not really. Tell me what you think after you've given her a listen at:

And if you want to share your opinion with others, sign up with One 2 One. You can land there by using the link on the left hand column... go on... they don't bite!

3) This HP Giveaway is an amazing opportunity to win $6,000 worth of products, but don't forget... there are 49 other blogs who are giving the same package away. While you are only eligible to win one package, you can enter as many of the contests as you'd like. I have to leave you in suspense until I'm allowed to tell you MY start date, but there's nothing stopping you from checking out all the other sites for a chance to win their package. Many are in full swing RIGHT NOW! So check out the other 49 of the Fifty Bloggers who get to be Santa this year!

4) I'm looking for a room mate. No, not to live here, you freaks!... one to share a room at Chicks Who Click in Boulder this January. There will be lots of learning, networking, and chattering. This event is the brain child of Gwen Bell and Denise Smith and is being sponsored by Walmart, Metzger Associates PR, and Kirtsy. There will also be a day on the slopes. Although I've always stayed safely on sticks, I'm thinking I'm going to try a day of boarding this trip... we'll see... If you are considering making the trip, let me know. I'll need to know that you've never been acquitted of any kind of manslaughter-ish crimes, but other than that, I'm thinking we're good.

5) and if you are one of my friends "in real life" who is just now starting to read my blog that you used to think of as Shoog's Diary but now you're thinking "hey, I want in on this HP package..." yeah, hate to tell you but you aren't eligible. Please refer to item #3 on this list to link to the other 49 bloggers that you CAN win from. And before you start getting all like "We're not THAT good of friends, here is the deal:

If we've had a beer together, we're friends.
If I've ever held your hair while you puked, we're friends.
If I ever had to wear a ridiculous dress in your wedding, we're friends (sort of).
If I sent you or received from you a Merry Chrisma-Hannu-Kwanza card, we're friends.
If we've prayed together, laughed together, cried together, we're definitely friends.
If our husbands fly together, we're friends.
If we ever worked together, we're friends.
If you are the bastards I worked for a few years back, we are not friends, but this is my contest and you are SO not eligible...

All righty people... be well.



Erica said...

The song Ghost is actually a cover of the Indigo Girls from the album "Rites of Passage". The original version is much better.

Sarah said...

I was gonna say what Erica said...