Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wanna Play?

***In honor of one of my favorite hobbies (procrastination), I have extended my little contest until midnight this Wednesday, November 19th.***

Let's have us a little fun...

As some of my friends know, I love a good scavenger hunt. City Girl had a great one for her 10th birthday. The Bug had a crazy one on her 13th. But my favorite was the time I was sent off alone to find more booze and food and a parrot at the Jimmy Buffet concert in Irvine.

Yes, I did bring back a parrot.

So, I have a little game for you all to play. The reward? Oh just Seal’s latest CD, Soul… seal_soul_album

and the cutest iPod speaker!

LegoIpodSpeakers-376 While the Lego-like iPod speaker is absolutely adorable, the lucky lucky reader is in for some smooth and sexy rhythm and blues from the ever so dashing Seal. If you loved being Kissed By A Rose back in the 90s, you will absolutely love what he's done to the R&B classics in his current album, Soul. I've been swaying to these stylings for the last few nights. It's all I can do to not put on a little something special and go for a spin on the dance floor with a handsome man. Well, until I look around and realize I have a family to feed and laundry to do... but you get what I'm saying, don't you? Seal just puts me in the mood.

Okay, so here's how we'll play this game. I'm going to give you a few tasks and questions to be answered. You will answer and display in the comments section. Easy enough, right? These are your scavenger hunt items:

1) A picture of you in the 90s when we were all first making out to singing Kissed By a Rose.

2) A Lego creation. It can be your own, one that your kid made, or one that you find on line. My engineer-in-training four year old will be much obliged if you can include directions and moving parts.

3) Your favorite song from the new Soul album. You can find the videos down there... down at the bottom of the blog... we're scrolling, we're scrolling, we're THERE! There it is! Which one do you just want to hear over and over?

That's it. Just those little items. You have until Sunday, November 16th to get those in. Not too long, so don't pull a Sugar and go procrastinating and not get your chance to win.

Shoot, I almost forgot! An extra entry will be given for any referred readers. Tell your friends to come play along and you will get an automatic second chance. Make sure they give you credit in the comments, or to make it super easy by grabbing my WidgetBox thingy near the bottom of the left hand column. (just click and follow directions) Sitemeter will let me know how they came to visit LIT and you will get that second entry.

Alrighty then… let the games begin!

For those that don't know how to post a pic, just load your pictures on Picasa or Flickr or any other photo site. Copy the link for that picture and paste it in the comments. The URL will be linkable, so we can all have fun checking out your awesome 90s hair!


'Nette said...

I had to make a separate blog entry just for this.

Stacey Crew said...

Good stuff! I heard one of his new songs`terrific!-and who doesn't LOVE legos.

D'Arcy said...

MAN!!!!!!!!! I just saw this, and I have to go to a photo shoot! Ok, I think that Parisian entry I did on my blog (with the nasty perm!) should count as my photo. I don't own a damn lego and I don't know my neighbors to borrow THEIR kids and their kids' legos...hurry, quick, can I build something out of my shoes? I have A LOT of shoes!!!!!!

And one more thing, I will listen to the songs tonight, I really WANT TO PLAY!! So, um, let me know about the shoes!!

ok, phew...that was stressful, I am SO competitive!!!!!!!!

Michael Zampino said...

Ok here you go...

AHHH!!! I don't have a 90's photo, but this one is pretty much what I looked like (minus the beard)...



Seriously Mama said...

I am so in love with Seal. Damn that Heidi Klum for being so perfect. I'll be back with my answers for you... :-)

Anonymous said...

Fun contest Sugar! My favorite song is "A Change is Gonna Come." -Seal

Jesse's hair (1990)

Lego Art, shot at Felt Club 2008 today.

Thanks for the chance to win! @jesseluna on Twitter

Leigh (Modern Mommy) said...

LOL! I really tried to resist, but who doesn't love an excuse to post their prom pic, hmm? (Yes, I was in HS in the 90s...) Here are my pics in a nice picasa-y album form.
And the song I like is "I'm still in love with you." It makes me want to go find my husband...

Paul Sullivan said...

Me in the 90s:

A Lego R2D2:

And last but not least, the song I liked was "Its a mans world."

Sugar said...

AND THE WINNER IS: Paul Sullivan!!! Please email me your address to