Friday, November 7, 2008

Okay, I’m Serious Now…

Last year, I was snapping families’ holiday shots all the way until the day we left for our road trip to Albequerque. It was all I could do to pack while rushing all over the world setting up my mobile studio in peoples’ homes and to the beach and to the lab ~ back and forth, back and forth ~ for six long weeks before leaving. I got it done, but at the cost of losing at least like, what, ten months at the end of my life. I didn’t have any “studio” space at the time and I was kind of out of the way from most of my clients, so I really didn’t have much choice as far as having to set up on the fly. But why didn’t I save myself some time and print the proofs at home? Because I was still working with my former printer who shall remain anonymous…

But this year… THIS year is different.

Because of my new circumstances, I am confident in my ability to handle a load of clients. First of all, I am now centrally located to most of my clients and have carved out a decent amount of studio space should my clients choose not to do beach shots. Plus, (and this is the best part) there’s the blossoming of a new, healthier relationship… with a new printer. And guess what? This one loves me way better than my last one. And maybe it’s because this new printer was made for a great relationship with photographers… with me...

I love love love my Epson Artisan 800 and it loves me back!

Still, after so many disappointments with my last dysfunctional printer, I held my breath as the first proof was being created. Would I really be able to avoid wasted trips to the lab for a handful of images at a time? My stomach was quickening… I swear… it was like PTSD from last fall. I caught myself rooting for the printer thinking it couldn’t possibly do what I needed it to do. And then POOF! Out came a magnificent photo!


I feel like I’ve stepped into a new era of my photography business. I can focus more on my sessions and my clients and not worry so much about the lab. The nagging doubt on the production side of my business life is handled. Awesome! Now, I can take myself more seriously. I’m excited about this holiday photo season. I’m excited that I have Epson on my side. I’m excited to hand these proofs to the families and watch them smile as they see the vivid colors of their life. I’m just plain excited!

But wait!!! There’s more! {{always wanted to say that}}

You’ve got to check out all the awesome features of this bad boy! It’s like a cool assistant that always has your back. Not only am I printing fantastic proofs, I’m even restoring old photos from my childhood that have long yellowed. I thought that would take a while to figure out. Turns out, my new assistant (the best Printer ever) told me exactly what to do from the touch screen. I tapped Menu and up popped my options. I touched Copy/Restore and hey, look! I’m at the Color Restoration screen! Why, yes, I would like Color Restoration ON, thank you very much. What’s this? You show me a diagram on how and where to place my yellow photos? Oh thanks, Artisan! Okie dokie… now just touch OK… and…


IMG_8288 Restored

My mom was so happy! And making that woman happy is not an easy thing to do. Ask my therapist. After seeing these results, she came over with like thirty of her photo albums and guess what? Oh yeah… bonding to the Restoration of the Seventies, Baby! You know what? Bring it on!

I’ve got my Epson Artisan 800!


Auds at Barking Mad said...

Whilst I am all about Canon, I would love to see one of these new Epson's in action. I've heard so many good things about them.

Glad you're lovin' it!

'Nette said...

I still use my HP for snapshots, for bigger stuff I send out to Costco. Heh, I hate buying photo paper.

You go girl!

Naomi said...

holy crap! that photo restore thing is ultra cool. i just got a new canon printer and the stupid fax part is screwed up. maybe i should try an epson next time.