Monday, October 27, 2008

Six Things

I was zapped by my pal, Spooky Girl for this meme. Since I'm sure she has aliens on her side, I thought it best to answer the question:

What are Six Little Known Things About You?

I kept trying to think about the things that I have not shared, because Lord knows, I have shared a TON of personal information. So this challenge really was just that... a challenge! However, I was able to pull out some nuggets that might help clear up a few things and also may bring on some serious ass ridicule.

Here goes:

1 - English is my second language. I spoke Spanish until I was five. When I entered Kindergarten, I remember knowing what all the kids were saying and knowing how to respond because of lots of TV. Until I entered school, I never had to speak it. I continued to speak only Spanish at home until one day, around the third grade, I asked my parents and grandmother if it was okay that I answer in English. I think that was a sad day for them. They all spoke English at work. Spanish was somehow sacred at home.

2 - My first album was Barry Manilow's Even Now. I am so incredibly jealous that Shannon from Rocks In My Dryer has a husband that would not only buy her tickets to see Mr. Manilow in Vegas, but would actually go and watch the show with her. I would never expect The Pilot to sit through the silky sounds of Barry's voice. But, honey... if you are reading this... you don't have to go with me... just buy me the tickets and I'll find an equally dorky friend to watch the show with me.

3 - I have two Dads. Sometimes, I refer to the biological donor of sperm as my Dad. Other times, I refer to the sullen and moody second husband of my mother as my Dad. Neither of them were real chummy, as it were. They did provide for me, one in life, the other in death. Too much to explain here. Just know that if I refer to my Dad being dead one day and then being alive another, it's because I'm referring to two different guys.

4 - My first kiss was on April 16th, 1982. I was just shy of my 12th birthday. I kept my eyes wide open and kept my tongue in my own mouth, thank you very much. The boy I was kissing was confused by this... so he pulled back to explain. I was like, "Eeewww!!! I don't think so!" It was all very romantic.

5 - I cry when I hear the National Anthem. I've cried every time that song has played since I was six years old. That was the year our country celebrated it's Bicentennial. I remember having to learn all about how our country won it's liberty and I remember feeling gut-wrenchingly thankful to the people that spilled blood so that I could live in freedom. I cry just as much for church songs for the same reason, except that those are for one man... Jesus.

6 - I prayed for Jon Belushi when he died. I was 12 and used to watch the old SNL on my tiny black and white TV in my room. I remember watching the news one night to find out that this wacky guy that always made me laugh was dead. I think that might have had more of an impact on me than any after school special or anti-drug campaign.

(For you geniuses still doing the math in your head, I'm 38.)

So now I get to pass this get-to-know-you bug on to the next people:


Kristin T. said...

#5 made me laugh. It sounds just like me. I used to tear up during the national anthem, too, especially at Tiger baseball games. It must have something to do with the era we were raised in (I'm the same age as you!)--you know, reciting the pledge of allegiance every morning at school, being shown a "film strip" montage illustrating the national anthem, celebrating the bicentennial, which was a huge deal. It's all very 1970s. I'm pretty sure my kids don't get emotional when they hear the opening bars to "O say can you see," and something tells me it's not going to develop over time. It makes me kind of glad, and kind of sad.

doubleagentgirl said...

Psst... I like Barry Manilow too.

Anonymous said... Barry Manilow too!

Spooky said...

Aliens?? Well, I never.. (well, almost never, LOL)

Thanks for playing along!!

'Nette said...

All right girlfriend, I posted:
6 things about daNanner

D'Arcy said...

oh my goodness, i read this a few days ago and then realized I didn't think I had commented.

I love these six things about you!!! I just love the details who bring together this amazing person that you are. I love that you speak two languages so well, I will mock you forever about Barry and I will let you know tha tmy first album was Whitney Houston, followed shortly thereafter by the Bangles!

Awesome friend. Thanks for the tag, I just did one last week, so that's going to suffice for now!!

San Diego Momma said...

I cannot impress upon you enough how very much extremely I love Barry Manilow.

I also have a good friend whose husband takes her to Vegas the see Bar perform and I throw it in my husband's face all the time.

(Not really.)
(Yes, really.)

Sugar said...

Just got this twitter update from Shannon:

In Vegas, and you won't believe this: BARRY HAS BRONCHITIS AND HAS CANCELED HIS SHOW. {*sob*} Still having fun w/ Hubs, though.

That is NOT cool! I'd be so sad... but maybe she'll get make-up tix and I can go stalk... I mean meet her there!