Saturday, January 24, 2009


I wanted to post something more uplifting after that last one... something about girlfriends and how their mere presence in my home brings me back to life. It did... but I'm in one of those weird places where my mind is going off into so many different directions all at once that I can't control my thoughts or my words. I think the doctors call it PMS. Whatever.

I wonder, though... how do other people tackle their minds when they seem to be running off on their own? Any suggestions?


I'll write all about girlfriends later... there is much to be said.


@McMedia said...

I'm probably the worst person to comment on this subject. My head has more going on in it than a Las Vegas buffet. Working with a good performance coach - someone who can rein me in helps. Focusing on 3 things instead of running from one to the next is always helpful but damn near impossible to adhere to. Which leads me to my final thought which is when none of the above seem to work and I just stare blankly at Twitter hoping I'll become inspired by 140 characters or less.

Travis Erwin said...

Rum reins in my runaway brain just fine.

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

I journal- the pen and paper way- that way I can get all the extra goings on in my head out on paper and hopefully clear it out in the process. Also fresh air and a good walk sometimes works as well-- Have a good weekend!

Naomi said...

I constantly feel like my brain is stuck on fast forward, reliving all sorts of crap I don't want to think about. Things I did. Things I need to do. I should probably be medicated. Now, I do one of two things...I either drink a lot after the baby's in bed then write it all out until I pass out or my hand hurts, or I hold my daughter. I hold her and squeeze her and breathe her in. It's like mediation for me. Something about the smell of her makes my brain stop, makes the whole world around me stop, and I can find this moment of peace that resets my brain.

Lela said...

I clean. It's mindless and repetitive and when you're done it smells better. And- if you're alone in the house, you can talk to yourself while you do it. I've found I'm a good listener.

Super Nova said...

I take a long hot bath and submerge my head under water and remember what it feels like when breathing becomes important.

But that probably sounds too psycho.

Adventurous Wench women's travel said...

I stop and meditate for a few minutes in a quiet place.

Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

I go with it. Start 17 projects, finish 2 and decide the rest just aren't worth doing. It works for me.

deepikaur said...

I've always got a gazillion projects going at once. But when my mind is firing too many sporadic and spontaneous thoughts at once and it gets to be too much to handle, I run.

Plain and simple. I change into a tee and sweatpants, and go out for a run. Always helps clear my mind. And I feel much better afterwards. Helping keep yourself fit, and clearing your mind at once!

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