Thursday, October 16, 2008

What’s that smell?

You know when you wake up and you wonder why in your dream the elevator started to go sideways and what was it the pirate was trying to tell you and how could you wear pink socks to a concert or why in the world had you packed so much stuff into that suitcase that followed you throughout the entire lucid tour of your subconscious?

No, Sugar… just you…

Do you ever look around the house for *that smell* not quite figuring out where it was coming from or why it was in every room… that you were in… following you… almost like it was emanating from, um… you? And then you look down and see that you’ve been wearing the same sweats for four days straight and no amount of showering is going to unsmell the over use of one item of clothing?

Still just me?

Sometimes we arrive at a place in life when we take a look around at all that is happening and ask the question:

What the hell???

In my enthusiasm for all that was coming at me, I chased down way too many butterflies. I wanted to do that 365 Project, but couldn't keep up with the kind of pictures I wanted to share. I wanted to keep doing my happy polls, but with all that was going on in the world, I couldn't quite get myself to think happy thoughts. I wanted to do so many other things but then I realized that I was doing all of those things to avoid the real stuff.

I am falling way behind in my real jobs, like photography for families that pay me... or my daughters composition work... or flying lesson… or laundry. So I'm pulling the photo project and the Ask Sugar poll and some other things from my life. I’ve got to refocus and move forward on some of the real things. Including my real blog home... Living In Theory.

So if you were looking for pretty pictures or happy polls but got sucked into my reality, sorry. It's pretty and happy here, too.


PS: If you're into dreams and their meanings, you can check out That's where I found out that the elevator, luggage, and pirate were trying to tell me to get rid of the junk and get back on track...


Bella Casa said...
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Steph said...

I gotta tell you, as much as I missed the Internet this past week, I'm glad I was forced to take that break.

I was suddenly very aware of how weird my priorities had gotten, how far off course I was personally, etc.

All of that to say - yeah, I get it.

P.S. I swear to God, I had the smell thing happen to me earlier today. No lie.

Rowena said...

One of my hobbies is dream interpretation. I see how yours was telling you you've been hijacked.

One of the things about how awesome life is, is that we have to choose which wonderful things we devote our time and energies to. It doesn't mean we won't have time for the runners up later, just right now, we need to slim things down.

Fred said...

Sometimes doing so many things well leaves us doing nothing great. The other items will find their way back into your life when your ready for them.

Seriously. Wash those pants a few times and take a shower. ;) *drink*

smiles4u said...

I think it's great that your taking care of yourself and doing those things you need to do to keep your sanity and your life less stressful. I haven't been around the blogaspere as much as usual so have been catching up on your blog and once I again I must say how much I enjoy reading what you write. You are on a wonderful journey and I learn from what you write about so thank you for sharing so honestly and openly.

Bless you.