Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fabulous Rooms - Fabulous Giveaway

In the sea of people claiming to be design experts, a few names stand out. One designer, in particular, is Thom Filicia of Queer Eye and Dress My Nest fame. He’s the real deal.

And he is Faaabuluuuuussss!!!

I was privileged to be invited to a special Press Teleconference along with 24 other bloggers and tweeters. We were treated to one-on-one time with Thom (well… at least one-on-twenty-five) where he told us all about his fabulous new book and his even fabulous-er Room A Day Giveaway.

The giveaway was unveiled on The View at the same time of the big room redo reveal. The only word I can use for The View’s green rooms and rehearsal hall pre-revamp is… DREARY! My God, you would think they had the coolest places for their guests to kick up their feet before chatting with the ladies. Nope! See for yourself:

Drab Dressing Room Drab Rehearsal Room

When I am an old woman, that better not be what my designated institutional facility looks like (you got that kids?)!!! I would much rather end up in this fantabulously gorgeous set up:

Fab Dressing Room Fab Rehearsal Room

For the green rooms, Mr. Filicia incorporated the name of the show as the overall theme for their redesigns. Each room now has a “view” of New York landmarks while still maintaining their necessary functionality. The rehearsal hall presented a different challenge. While the goal of the redo was to make the area more comfortable and stylish, it still had to function as a place for the ladies to run through their shows. The furnishing were made in a way that allows for ease of moving when the space is needed.

I can hardly believe that was all done in ONE WEEK!

In his new design book, Thom Filicia Style, Mr. Filicia talks about his style philosophy, which is basically that everyone’s home should tell their story. It should not only be functional but unique and authentic to the family within those walls. He further went on to say that big or small, a home’s design should be lifestyle and personality driven. Here are some tips for bringing your personal aesthetic to life in your home:

  • Don’t be afraid to mix Timeless and Timely – By mixing your classics with newer pieces, you build an eclectic look that is all about you and your personal style.
  • Color your world – Draw from fashion to decorate your home with textures, colors, and accessories.
  • Decorate outside the Box – Mix light and dark woods. Hang a traditional lantern next to a modern chair. Be mindful of the overall look, but have fun with it!
  • Well read – Incorporating your books into your rooms adds a beautiful layer and interesting texture while making your favorite reads handy for lending.
  • Personalize – with framed candids, favorite items, whatever gives your home a soul. When people walk in, they should know this is your home.

“But I have kids…”

Many of the bloggers being busy moms had questions about keeping a home stylish while battling the power of clutter and Lego’s. The ever fabulous Thom Filicia had some great suggestions:

  • Use bolder colors in designing rooms.
  • Use storage cubbies a’la Kindergarten rooms
  • Make clean up a family responsibility
  • Designate areas and rooms for play

I bet you’re wondering how you can get your hands on my copy of Thom Filicia Style… well, here’s my little reveal. Join me in the chat room during The Classy Closet Radio Show where we’ll put up a keyword each day. If you missed today’s show, you can listen to the recorded show. Jen accidentally said it… woopsy! To win, you’ll have to be the first to call in to the show on Friday (when we say GO, of course!) with all four keywords. You’ll also have to give us a Truth or Dare. I’ll probably “reveal” a truth before I take a dare, though, but well see.

Oh my gosh, I almost forgot the best part!!

Thom Filicia has partnered with Kimberly-Clark and The View to offer SIXTEEN lucky lucky people a $25,000 room redo… EACH!! So if you would love for Mr. Filicia to come dress your nest, enter before March 6, 2009 for your chance to win!

Alright then… good luck!

The Book: http://www.thomfiliciastyle.com/

The Man: http://www.thomfilicia.com/

The Giveaway: http://www.roomadaygiveaway.com/

Joy and Thom on OK! http://www.okmagazine.com/pixandvids/gallery/11096/9

Pre-reveal photos courtesy of ABC/Donna Svennevik; post reveal photos courtesy of ABC/Steve Fenn