Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Change – Part I

What a year. What a crazy year.

Does it feel like we are leaving behind some sort of stinking carcass? It feels like that to me. In so many ways.

The obvious carcass is the political mess and old-fashioned mud slinging that was the election. I usually stay away from politics here, but I’m giving myself permission to get this junk off my chest. There was a lot of change that happened. But a lot of the same that made me feel less than hopeful…

While everyone was giddy with anticipation at the possibility of a black president, women across the country were shaking their heads at the sexism that is alive and well in this country. I wish we were leaving that behind, but Hilary and Sarah might have different opinions. I’m irritated that Hilary was thrown a bone instead of having the chance to run as President, or even VP. I think she deserved that much. I’m irritated that the Republicans chose the ONE woman who probably should have stayed home, almost begging for the argument that women belonged at home and off the political stage. I don’t believe that, but I do believe that family comes first, and that Palin family really needed their mom at home… damn it. I’d rather they’d chosen the stronger candidate, the obvious one being Condi Rice. You know what? I’ll be so proud if Condi runs. Not because she’s black, but because she’s a woman. A smart, strong, attractive, and intelligent woman.

We have not come a long way, baby.

Bush. What can I say. Nothing that hasn’t already been said. A conservative radio host said it best yesterday. “Exit, stage left… please. Enough already.” I was as proud as anyone to see him jump up and grab the bullhorn and yell to the terrorists that we were coming to get them, especially after those animals decimated the Twin Towers. I wanted to feel safe, and for a while, Bush made me think that we might be. But then he kept doing one stupid thing after another. It almost seemed as though he was on someone else’s payroll… hmmm… kind of like McCain. If ever a candidate threw an election, this was it. Suspending his campaign? What the hell? Bastard. Never liked him. Never. Ask my father-in-law. We’ve had some serious arguments about that one. I even had a remote control thrown at me because of my thoughts.

If I could click my heels and make everything sort of okay, I’d ask for Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank to be sucked away by aliens. Those two have done more damage to our country than Bush these last eight years. But all three together… well, that was just the perfect storm, I guess. And now, we are waiting for the outcome of the race in Minnesota to see if the Dems will have a rubber stamp. Who would have ever thought that the fate of the Senate would hinge on Stuart Smalley?!

You know what else? I wish the Republican Party would get away from being the Moral Right. Theocracies don’t work. Ask the people who were under the rule of the Taliban. Plus, it’s awfully hard to run on a platform of Godliness when you are human. Every mistake you make as a person will be held under a microscope. It’s got to be pretty difficult to get any work done for your constituents when you’re busy juggling the image of perfection. Knock that crap off!

I’d love it if the left would stop politicizing environmental issues. Do they really think that all conservatives want to live in a desert wasteland because we were so greedy and wanted to consume all the planet’s resources like a ravaging horde of locusts? Seriously? Come on…

You know what? I’m kind of glad Barack won. He has become dull as all get out since he won, though, and that’s just a bummer. I like that he was shooting hoops the day of the election. I hate his teleprompter reading and his chin-up-snobby look, but I liked his easy going smile. I think Michelle is, well, meh… but those little girls are sweet and cute and just make you smile to see them with their daddy. I hope they get to pick any dog they want, not one that the public would be happiest with.

And I’m glad that Barack showed the Right what could be accomplished with the good branding and viral marketing, not to mention, staying on message. It was truly amazing. Small groups on the right are trying to move to this century’s communication platforms, but they keep thinking that they can regulate all the creativity out of it. Control freaks. I can’t get behind all the government programs that Dems want to implement and continue pumping money into, but this Republican party is just imploding and really pissing me off.

I hope a third party shows up real soon…


Come back tomorrow for Part II. I won’t be talking politics… thank God.


Brandy said...

I don't normally get into politic talk either but what you wrote is almost very true to a T and I like your post! I saw it on twitter and just had to read! Great points u make!

FireMom said...

I wish the mud-slinging was in the past. But it's not. I had to unsubscribe from a blog today because I was, once again, called "uneducated" (but not stupid - her defense) and "lacking morals."

I wish I saw change on that front... where people could have different views and not call names. But I don't see it coming, no matter who sits in any office.


Chris said...

I would like to see Condi run for president. Not because she is black. Not because she is a woman. Rather because I think she is qualified and could do a good job. It's time to quit making a big deal about what demographic category they fit in, but what they can do. On a side note Colin Powell should have been a nominee.

Molly said...

I saw this post mentioned on twitter too and came to have a looksie.

I agree with almost everything you said. The real problem is smart people won't run for office because of what will happen to them and their families when the do.

The media is relentless-about all the wrong things.

KR said...

liked the free-form thoughts on it all. Good stuff.

there was an article CNN posted a ways back regarding the gender/race thing. in essence it was a response to the fall-out they got for another article that said, "Black Women have a tough choice between race and gender in election." The responses from all the women, (and men) all colors basically told CNN they were idiots for thinking anyone chooses a President on race or gender...it's about the most qualified.

I must admit, it gave me hope that we aren't as stupid as "they" like to think we are.

I say bravo to Condi for not stepping in the race if she didn't want to.

Cindy said...

Saw you on twitter and had to come read it. Well said. Although, I agree with your commenters, Condi is an amazingly intelligent and capable person- more qualified, I believe, than any of the candidates that ran this year.
Molly was right, too. Smart people won't run because they realize the media will put their family in an alligator death roll and never look back.
I'm a sad Republican...but in the end it was a toss-up. We still don't know what either one would do in office...just have to hope Obama can hold it together.

Julie N said...

Another Twitterer that saw your post and stopped by...

Not that it matters one iota whether I agree with you or not...I do appreciate your point of view and the freedom we have to express ourselves.

If you ruffle a few feathers so be it, but no one has the right to start name calling or putting others down for a different point of view.

Great post!

Sharon said...

Don't totally agree with all your viewpoints, but don't disagree with most. I do agree with you that it's good to leave the rotting carcass of campaign rhetoric and grandstanding in '08.

If I had a wish for '09 it would be that all of us, rather than paint each other into "see...you're so wrong" boxes, could look for the for the areas where we agree and build on the similarities rather than exploit the differences.

Great blog and post!

Sugar said...

I think I need to clarify one tiny thing... I said I'd be proud about Condi running because she's a woman. I don't think a candidate should be chosen because of race or gender, but I'd be lying if I said my heart wouldn't swell to see a (conservative) woman up there as my President.

joe said...

I think it's healthy in a democracy to do exactly what you're doing; get these things off your chest. We all should. That's the nature of politics; not always pretty but active. The worst thing we can do is sit silently with our thoughts, not wanting to "get into it" with someone. Nice post...I'm working on one to summarize our 8 year nightmare but in the meantime, check this out.


Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

Amen! I am a card carrying democrat, but I second that emotion! Except... I kinda like McCain... its just a shame he didn't show up for the election and was replaced by a McCain Bobble Head instead.

Warren Whitlock said...

Just imagine what will happen when we really do stop caring about who is running or what malarkey they have gotten us into.

You say that you don't normally get into politics, but you still CARE.. and at the end of the day, it doesn't affect our day to day existence by which of the power brokers is brokering best this season.

Like the SuperBowl.. a lot of heavy bets on the outcome.. but come monday, we start all over.

You want a woman president? Fine, but think back to the day after we got the first woman whatever in the past.. did it really change everything?

The net, social media, changing market places, etc make it less and less relevant. Unless we have a plan to take down the Congressional Military Industrial complex, they are just going to keep getting in the way of progress.

Best bet.. let's do something that matters (more like you 'normal' posts)

Keep at it.. we are part of a revolution

Maggie, Dammit said...

Well said, girl. Well said.

Noelle @TakeRoot said...

Did not know what to expect from your Tweet, but way to go! Express Yourself, too bad if it bothers some people. We all should feel free to express. Especially on our own blogs!
Thought the post was well written and from the heart. Who can judge that?

Ann said...

I would all for a 3rd party, my hubs and me talk about that all the time.

Very interesting post, and I pretty much agree with almost all of it. You took the words RIGHT out of my mouth regarding Condi Rice! Could I respect her any more than I do? I think not. Despite the fact that she is sometimes constrained by politic-speak, I have such tremendous respect for her. Her brain slays me, just slays me! Wouldn't Powell and Rice be a dream team? Of course, they'd have to run as a dual-presidency!

Mariah said...

Well said- I stay away from politics as well You expressed yourself honestly and intelligently BRAVO

Rowena said...

I think we should get rid of the two party system. All those power plays are ruining the country. It seems like politicians are doing what's right for their party, not for the people.

Meh.. I hate politics, too. I see some hope, but I am not holding my breath that it will all change.

debra said...

Hi! I just learned of your blog today (via Maggie on Twitter) and have enjoyed visiting. (The post about the refrigerator? LOVE!)

May you have the best of new years!

Faye said...

Not too late to participate in the Fun Monday navel gazing. I added you to the list,Sugar. Welcome.