Friday, October 31, 2008

What's It All About?

A few days ago, my son told me that he was "the most sensitive." Okay... So I asked, "Most sensitive of who?" "Of all your kids. 'Cause I'm the youngest."

Maybe he is.

This morning, before we dressed him in his combat soldier costume (because that's what a sensitive boy wears, right?) he squeeked out a question: "You know what it's all about mom?" I had to come in close for this answer. I sat next to him wrapped up in his favorite blanket and asked, "What's it all about, buddy?"





doubleagentgirl said...

Beautiful. It is jarring how close to the real children sometimes are. Eerie even. Imagine if we were all innocent enough to remember what it was all about before we learned what society thought?

gurukarm (@karma_musings) said...

Seriously. Kids are SO amazing, aren't they?

very sweet.