Sunday, October 12, 2008


There are people who face their fears and accomplish great things. From a pulling in the heart for the love of another, amazing things can happen to change their corner of the world and beyond. These people hear the sound of conventional wisdom and ignore it.

I am not one of those people.

Fortunately, I am still growing. I am still becoming the woman I would like to one day look back on and admire. It's a daily challenge to step out of my fear. To drag myself out of my funk. To look around at my life and say, "This IS lovely" without wanting something else that might have also been lovely. I seek guidance through prayer and meditation and through the counsel of those that have done the difficult work I still must do. When I read stories about people that have pushed past fear and worry and have walked towards something they didn't really know was there, I'm inspired to do the same. It's easy to surround myself in gloom. There's enough of it in this world. It takes effort to push past that and to live in inspiration.

And every now and then, God sends inspiration into my life through Angels. I don't mean that Gail is "my" angel. She is merely human. But in her human kindness, she has accomplished some amazing things. Here's where the Big Leap of Faith part of her story starts:

Financially as a single mom, things were tight at times, even though I had real estate assets. Knowing how rare her talent was and believing wholeheartedly in her commitment, I sold my dream piece of real estate, Dreaming Bear Ranch, in Montana, to fund my daughter’s music career. I started working as her manager and formed a record label in Nashville to promote her, called Dreaming Bear Music. Billboard Magazine wrote a story where they talked about the Goodwin family literally “bet the farm”, or in this case the ranch, on Carly’s success.

Would I have bet the farm? Would I have woken up and listened? Would I have responded to the call to give "mom hugs" in Iraq without fear?

Maybe... I hope so.

Gail had the inner strength to do what she did because she chose to surround herself in inspiration rather than to be defeated by fear. And now, she shares that inspiration. There's so much more to this story... including the "mom hugs" part. Please go read it in it's entirety. I'd love to have you come back and comment, but if you linger and get lost over there, that's okay. I completely understand.


About Inspire Me Today

Inspire Me Today™ is here to help you remember that you, and you alone, have the power to do, be or create anything in your life that you desire. Anything. Your power is unlimited. Your wildest dreams are attainable. There is magic in belief, promise in faith and delivery in action. We believe you were born to fly, and all you need is a little inspiration. Let us help you put on your wings each morning, for when you’re inspired, the magic of the entire Universe kicks into full gear to work on your behalf. Your dream life is waiting for you. So, what are you waiting for?


What, indeed...


Rock and Roll Mama said...

Hey Sug! I saw someone tweet that link yesterday, and I got lost over there for an hour...what an amazing, amazing story. I love the message of stepping out in faith, and trusting that the sfety net will be in place. That in fact, you may rebound to mych higher heights than you ever dreamed.

And I find you quite inspiring already, but you're cute when you're modest.:)

Gail Lynne Goodwin said...

Dear Sugar,

Thank you for sharing this beautiful post and supporting our work at We are honored to be included in your world.

What I did was nothing special- anyone could have done it. You're so right, I'm just a human too. I just followed a voice in my heart and walked the path, not knowing where it was leading. And in that, magic appeared. I believe that anytime we follow our hearts the world will open the floodgates to possibility.

It is our humblest desire to honor and recognize the sacrifices made my our troops and their families, and at the same time, inspire individuals around the world. Thank you for helping us to do just that.

With gratitude and hugs,


Lorie said...

What indeed is right!

Now I need to get off my tush and be creative!

Ruahines said...

Kia ora Sugar,
Cheers for this, I feel in need of inspiration more often these days it seems. With all the dark clouds looming over we do have to be cognizant of the Possibilities as well. Have a lovely day.

Ann said...

Honestly, it is a daily battle for me to step out of/away from the constraints from my past, the beliefs inflicted upon me by my parents. They run deep. It takes a lot of energy and work - so I commend every little step you take, my dear!

D'Arcy said...

Sugar--you are a light and an inspiration. Sometimes an honest admittance to a lack of inspiration can actually be inspiring. I know, so strange!

But i think each person holds within them a power to change their world a power to connect with others a power to be an angel to someone else. these people are super stars or heroes by any means, they are just simple people living simple lives and trying to do the best they can, and to me, that's inspiring.

KingdomWriter said...

Hey Sugar, I also checked out Inspire me today, and I think they are spreading false hope??
They say they are here to help you remember that you and you alone have the power to do, create ot be anything in your life you desire??
WRONG BABY! Sorry. Firstly, 'you' (no, not you Sugar, just a rethorical you) and you alone have the power? WE don't have any power, thank you very much (talking in my imagination to that site, you understand). All 'our' power comes from above. We don't have it without Him.
Secondly, no, you cannot be anything you want. God gave everyone specific talents to use in life, it is a lie to believe that you can be ANYTHING you want to be. False hope that will only lead to disapointment and wasted time. You can however be anything God wants you to be. Jeremiah 29:11comes to mind.
Gods power is unlimited.
"We believe you were born to fly" Man, don't try I say, unless you are a trained pilot!
Let us help you put on your wings each morning (Yes, and it is called The Bible??).
So, what are you waiting for?
Well, Jesus to come back would be great... Life a life to the full, and look to God in everything you do.
Ok, just had to get that of my mind... : )