Monday, September 8, 2008

Envisage 365

I recently started a new project. I mentioned it earlier... that I would be taking a picture a day for 365 days. In order to never miss a shot, I've been carrying my camera everywhere. Considering all the other stuff I have to lug around in my bag with two little ones in tow, it was a bit of an adjustment.

A couple of days ago, I was incredibly thankful that I had my camera with me.

I almost caused an accident making a u-turn. I ducked in to multiple driveways to get a snapshot without being caught, but they were so fast! She was chatting about whatever girls chat about. He was smiling and happy to have his girlfriend with him. They looked like totally in love and I just wanted to capture that. But they were too fast for me. I finally just drove up alongside them and told them I needed to take a picture of something beautiful. I wasn't sure how they would react. I was afraid they might tell me to go bug off. But they didn't.

They just smiled...

I was having a teary day anyway. I was feeling sad about my daughter. I really needed to see something like this... to remind me about unconditional love... to see kindness, love, beauty... The babies were in the back seat. "Mommy, why are you crying?" I couldn't answer. I just wanted to let my mind feel the love I had just experienced.



Rowena said...

I love that project. I started it last year in March and missed only a few days. It was very valuable and fun and a way to keep my creativity about me while dealing with raising two very young children.

I never managed to post pictures every day, but I have a great document of most of my daughter's first year and my son's third year.
I'm still carrying my camera with me everywhere, but don't always feel the need to take something every single day.

Plus, that's an awesome picture.

Ann said...

Love the picture - they truly look HAPPY and beautiful. :)

Naomi said...

wow...what a great shot. young love. mmmm. thank goodness your not all weird about going up to strangers or we all would've missed out on that.

i hope you're handing out business cards when your out doing the paparazzi thing so they can see the end result...maybe buy a copy from ya.

of course I don't know which site you'd put on there since you seem to be involved in five bazillion of them. yeeesh. no wonder you're back to dating the pilot, how could you possibly have time to meet a new man. although the picture taking thing would be an easy way to pic up men...hmmm...where's my camera...

Sugar said...

Naomi, you just crack me UP! Actually, having the camera and a notebook and pen seems to be all you need to get the guys to flock. Not sure why. Maybe they think I'm writing some expose on the cool guys in our suburbs and want to be my interview subjects? ha! As for the blogs, I have the three because they were the three parts I wanted to bring together. I just needed to dip my feet into one at a time.

Now the photo site... that's the info I give to customers only. I try not to let any potential customers into my blogging world... for obvious reasons... haha.

And The Pilot, well, he's around. Still on probation. Until then, I have to keep saying no to the others. Ahhh... what a life. Psyche!

earthtoholly said...

I came across your site by way of Ophelia Rising and was struck by your beautiful photo. I just love it. It reminded me of a sight I saw on a recent train trip. At one of the stops, I saw a young woman sitting on a curb--disheveled, dirty and possibly homeless, I thought. Not making her life any easier was a prosthetic leg. But beside her on the curb was a small dog in a dayglo jacket, I assume to help keep it safe. I was glad she had that little dog as I hoped that it made her seemingly hard life a little easier and I knew she had the love of that dog, if no one else. Thank you again for your beautiful shot!

devilish southern belle said...

Just followed you over from Rock and Roll Mama....your photo is of something beautiful, indeed. They look so incredibly in love and happy!