Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nie Nie

Hey guys... for the three or four of you that read here regularly, I thought I'd pass this on. There's a gal who has a beutiful family and her name is Nie Nie. She and her husband were in a plane crash recently and were badly burned. Flying around in a light airplane with The Pilot, I can tell you that this has always been in the back of my head so when I heard the story, I immediately started this post. That's my little way of saying... I don't know all the details. So her friends, both real and virtual, are putting on an auction called Nie Nie Day. As with most auctions, it's not about the actual value of the item, but what the winning bid can do for the receiver. If you'd like to participate, go to the following blogs (Check out this list of items!). If you have the means to join the auction, awesome. If you can pass the info on to others... awesomer. You can also go to the button in the sidebar to donate directly.

If nothing else, please read her posts. Her archives are at The Nie Nie Dialogues. Scroll down to the bottom of the sidebar. She seems to be quite a lovely person.


smiles4u said...

What a sad story but I am so thankful that their lives were spared. I did go check out Nies blog and yes she seems like such a sweet person and what a beautiful family she has. I am going to check out the auction also. Thank you for sharing this story. I will be keeping them all in my prayers!

Lu said...

oh, my goodness! in my prayers.

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Very sad story. I will pray for them.

My home is very close to our county airport (literally less than a mile through the woods), where all the "general aviation"/light aircraft in our area land. On Christmas Eve last year a small plane crashed there and a family perished. They were coming home to see their college aged son for Christmas - the whole family (except the son) died. I knew instantly what had happened - I heard all the sirens going to the airport and just knew.

So tragic. Life is so short, as you and I have discussed many times in the past.

D'Arcy said...

please visit my friends website. He is a VERY prominent photographer in Utah and he is giving ALL Of his earnings this month to this family, he believes he can make it to ten thousand dollars and I think he can too.

please take a look and all help where they can, I sure am.