Thursday, June 12, 2008

Geeks and Autographs

So, I've heard back from some of my heroes who can't wait to meet me at BlogHer!

Okay... well, maybe they didn't say THAT so much as they were just kind to a stalker/fan... something like Oh Hope To See You At BlogHer! They don't know that I have a Sharpie all ready to have their names immortalized in a journal. I'll have them all sign all around the journal so that with some random turn of the page, I'll see the name of someone that inspires me to get my butt in the chair and put my hands on the keyboard.

Now, I grew up on the outskirts of LA. We would randomly run into celebrities at Disneyland, clubs on Sunset, restaurants... it was an unspoken thing that you kept your cool and never got all freakie-fan-like and asked for autographs. So, I have to say, I'm going against all my better judgment. I'm picturing these people thinking I'm some cute little girl from the sticks. I want to whisper to them as they are signing, "You know... I'm really a cool chick disguised as a geek." But who am I kidding. I'm really a geek in disguise.

But the disguise is coming off...

I was trying to explain the BlogHer conference to some friends. They all had that smile like "Is she serious? When do we get to the part where she says, just kidding, I'm really going to a (insert cooler event here)." The friends that really know me know that I am not an average kind of gal. They call me "creative" because it's nicer than saying "crazy" I think. I don't think, though, that too many of them really knew the depths of my geekiness. Well, at least not until recently. They know I'm technically savvy, at least to them I am. I frequently have to explain to them (more than once) the step-by-step process of leaving a comment. They call me up sometimes almost in tears. "I tried to comment but I don't know... I don't see it! What did I do wrong!" Seriously? How hard can it be? I think it's kind of funny. It's going to be absolutely fantastic to walk the halls of the hotel and talk all geeky without having to explain.

I'm gonna be like, "Yeah, I am TOTALLY blogging this!"



Caroline said...

The other day when I was going on about blogging and BlogHer and the conference, my best friend straight up called me a nerd. OUCH. WTH? If ya don't blog, ya don't get it. So am just saying... I GET IT! :)

Rowena said...

I'm so jealous. I can't make it blogher this year, due to just moving and having employment issues and you know, those darn clingy kids.

And I grew up in NYC, was a waitress down town for years. Uma Thurman, Dustin Hoffman, John John, Al Pacino, Joni Mitchell... whatever (truth: Joni, Al and John John did actually throw me, but I didn't let it show.)

But I am a through and through geek. I think I'm only cool because I'm okay with being a geek. Woo hoo, party at the geek conference (well maybe next year.)

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

LOL.... this is so funny, Sugar. One of my non-blogging friends read my blog and tried to leave a comment and called me TOTALLY upset and confused by the process. And this is an INTELLIGENT woman, too. I was rolling my eyes on the phone like "I can't believe this!"
Seriously - how difficult CAN it be???

Anyway, I am WITH you... if I lived anywhere remotely close to the West Coast, I would be so there. I will be living vicariously through your future blogs on your adventures at BlogHer.

PS: I'm always telling my friends when we're out and something funny or unusual happens "Yes! It's 'blog-worthy'!" Now they make fun of me mercilessly. But that's OK. :-)

Sugar said...

Yay! More geeks that get it! Woo hoo!

Blog Worthy... hmmm... I think that will be my new standard. If it's not Blog Worthy, I'm not going. hahahaha...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've always been the "creative" chick, too. (Read: crazy). But that's actually okay with me. I'd rather be that than "normal", to tell the truth!

By the way, I LOVE the quote you have on your page by Marianne Williamson, and also the one by Anais Nin on your other blog. Good stuff! :)

D'Arcy said...

I so wish that I could go to this! I remember trying not to be too geeky when I met some of my acting idols. Thus, I talked about the weather with Denzel Washington, i told Billy Crudup he had bad handwriting, I accidently tripped Mike Meyers, I could only say, "Fine" when Kevin Spacey asked me how I was doing....the list goes on and on....and I have decided, it must might be ok to gush a bit!

When you get back, I want to hear EVERY SINGLE detail!