Friday, June 6, 2008

Geekin' Out!

I'm not a real geek, I only play one on TV.

Oh MY! Can I just say how extremely excited I am about going up to San Francisco for the BlogHer chick fest in July?! It's like I'm getting ready to go to camp or a spa getaway or an Eagles concert.


Over at Shutter Sisters where most of my heroes dwell, they've got a neat little event organizing. It's a Photo Walk in the afternoon. Here's the thing... if you've ever been to San Francisco, you know how crowded the sidewalks can get with all the natural foot traffic. Add in a good convention and you've just tripled the density. Imagine hundreds of blogger/photographer/hipster chicks on a stroll through the City. Oh boy. I think what I'm going to do is to find out the route and get ahead just to take pictures of all the hoopla.

There's also a little spiff going on through General Motors to get three to five BlogHers per car to carpool in their new hybrid. So now I am eagerly seeking two more like-minded blogger chicks to get in a car with for six to eight hours (depending on traffic and potty breaks) each way. Can I just say how excited I am just for that? WOW! Two other women like me that I have never met before. I can't wait to burn some CDs and chat about our latest reads or photo techniques or dreams. I am hyperventilating! Get me a paper bag!

My poor Sister and City Girl daughter. I have all but set up my sleeping bag on the kitchen floor. They know I'm coming. I think they are just going to pretend they got the dates wrong and not answer the intercom buzz. (((Open. Open. Open.))) Actually, I hope they come with me. I think they'd have a blast. (Did you hear that guys?)

I know it's only going to be a couple of days and I know I probably won't be able to make it to all of my desired classes as they fill up. I know it's going to put me in a pinch at the end of the month, but this is important to me. And I need to do what I want to do for the good of my heart and psyche. And anyway, if I could just get Dooce's autograph, I would float all the way home. No hybrid needed here!



HappyWifeHappyLife said...

I did see a link to that somewhere and it looks like a LOT of fun. I think Dawn from Mom2My6Pack is speaking there.... she's REALLY funny. :-)

If I lived in CA (or anywhere NEAR), I'd definitely try hard to meet up there. It would be so cool to meet - face-to-face - some of the women I "chat" with in the blogosphere!

Very cool indeed.

Hey, I notice you have ads on your website - are you making money with those? Any tips on that? You can drop me an email if you want - the link to my email is on my profile page. I'm not really sure if you CAN actually make money or not.... I know Heather Armstrong and a few others make a really nice living.... I'm just looking to supplement my income a bit.

I'll quit rambling now.
Have fun at your BlogHer event!

Sugar - The Girl Behind the Flash said...


Ads: Check out Google Ads to start. You can add the Element in "Layout." For Blogher Ad Network, you have to apply. Approval is based on traffic and content. Rubicon is a system that I just found out about that allows you to funnel in ads from different networks targeted to a specific audience. There's lots of other info out there.

SF: I'm looking forward to many speakers, including Rita over at Surrender Dorothy. She's awesome! I'll have to check Dawn out, too.

Yes, very interesting world, this Blogoshpere. I love it!

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Thanks for the tips! :-)

Lela Davidson said...

I super jealous. Maybe next year... I'll be saving up!
I love the new look! You are the tech savvy woman indeed. I'll have to watch and learn, Grasshopper.

Caroline said...

Hello! You just found my blog and now I've found yours! I CRACKED up at your post about cussing in case my mother is reading (maddening roll of the eyes right now). Hysterical. Hey, I just found out I won a contest thru BlogHer so I can go to the conference too! I am waiting to hear more details (and want to make SURE I really AM going, seems too good to be true, lol) but am FREAKING out I am so excited! No kids, using my brain, hanging with smart chicks? San Fran? HEAVEN!!!! See you there!

littlepurplecow said...

Can't wait to meet you in-person at BlogHer! I've attended the past two summers and can say with certainty that you will love the experience.

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