Sunday, April 13, 2008

Livin' in the Now

My daughter came across one of my little tiny books. You know, the ones filled with short quotes, only long enough to fill about an inch of space. This one was on Quotable Women. I've had it for over ten years, but I always find something new in it. Today, my daughter found us something:

Imagination is the highest kite one can fly. ~Lauren Bacall

As fate would have it, we had a moment of pure serendipity. The winds were extreme today in San Diego. Instantly, we got on line to see who would have kites... the really cool kind. Within an hour we were up on an empty ball field on a hill behind our home. It was hot and windy and too much fun. I'm hoping the summer wind comes back tomorrow.



Hannah Rose said...

Yay,I love my new kite. I so glade we got a kite.

Sugar said...

There are no winds today... the trees are practically motionless. Lesson: seize the day.