Sunday, January 11, 2009


This has been an amazing week. Busy. Crazy. But awesome. Good things are happening for your friend, Shoog and I am all but in a fit of giggles seeing how doors open in a way I would never have planned.

So a few weeks back, I get a message from Jen of The Classy Closet asking if I'd be interested in trying out for the co-host spot on The Classy Closet radio show. Sure, I say. Now, we are down to the wire in voting and I am at the edge of my seat wondering how it will turn out. As I'm typing this, I'm in the lead, but only by a couple of votes. It's been like that all weekend. Not stressful at all!!

Through some communicating with Jen, I found out that US Family Guides in Colorado was looking for an editor for their San Diego Kids Guide. I applied and a couple of days later was on an orientation call. So now, I'll be working on getting all the best family friendly attractions and activities reviewed and on the site. If you're planning on a trip to SD this summer, check us out!

Who loves Queer Eye for the Straight Guy?? ME, TOO! So imagine how stoked I was to find out that I'll be on a Press Conference Call tomorrow with Thom Filicia and 24 other bloggers. It seems that Mr. Filicia has a fabulous design book coming out, Thom Filicia Style. He'll be promoting the book on The View tomorrow morning when he unveils the revamped Green Room. He'll also be making a very special announcement... you'll want to check it out if you can. And I will have a copy of his book to give away here at Living - In Theory! Stay tuned for the details on that one.

OH! And one last thing. I am migrating! Yes, finally! If you subscribe to my feed, it'll be like the digital transition... seemless. If you use Favorites on your computer, you'll want to use my url: I will now have all of my multiple personalities at I'm using a SmartSpace from Go Daddy. I don't care what anybody says, WordPress is a nightmare. Sorry... don't hate me... I just would rather spend my time writing posts than decoding CSS.

A couple of other neat things that I can't really talk about... very hush hush... ;) If you'd like, please follow me on Facebook and Twitter. You never know who you'll meet there.
Please make sure to check in tomorrow for our Making It Happen Mama feature. There will be some pampering products up for grabs this time!!


Naomi said...

Who knew when you started this blog that you would be taken down all these amazing new roads! I'm so excited for you and happy to be able to watch from the sidelines and cheer you on! One day when you're Perez Hilton famous, I'll be able to say, oh Sugar Jones...yeah, I know that chick, she's pretty cool :)

Lela said...

WOW that's a lot of good news! I just tried to vote and it was closed, but you were in the lead so I guess that means you got it! I'm so excited for you... Queen of Media!

Super Nova said...

Shoog, the transformation of you, your blog, your life--the goals the good things, all of this in just a few short months is something amazingly incredible to me.

Sugar said...

Can I just say how awesome it is that you three commented here? It means so much to me. You all have been lamps to me in really dark days this year. As I type this, my eyes are welling up a bit. Thank you Naomi, Lela, and D'Arcy. I really don't know... and I mean this sincerely... how I would have made it through this year without you guys. So thankful to have "met" you all in this big vast space. So incredibly thankful.

MomFaves said...

Congratulations Sugar! We are big fans of yours and we want to share in cheering your success with you. Woo hoo! You go girl.

Anonymous said...

Cheering you on as I watch in awe. You go girl, is all I have to say!

Dee Dee said...

What is that saying about 'whatever the mind can conceive..'? Awesomeness - 2009 is your year to Shine!
I might add that your blog/hp contest rules opened my mind to big things and I can see brightness in bloggydom that I didn't know was even there two months ago.
I'm gonna shine in 2009 too! :)

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