Monday, December 8, 2008

Which Three?

I got this question from the lovely ladies of Twitter Moms.

If you were stranded on an island and could have three movies with you, which three would you choose?

So, I’m going to make a few assumptions here… I’m assuming that I have brought some sort of tracking device with me, and at worst, I will be located within a few days. I’m also going to assume that all of my hours of watching Survivor Man, Man vs Wild, and of course, Castaway have prepared me to live and keep busy for those few days. So, I’m going to redefine stranded here. I’m thinking something more like snowed in at your in-laws. That’s scary enough, I suppose, right?

These are the three movies I would need to keep me sane:

Princess Bride - I saw this one when it first came out in the theater. I say that because I want you to know how long I have been madly in love with this snarky fairy tale. I could repeat the movie, and usually do, line by line. “She doesn’t get eaten by the eels at this time.” “As you wish.” “True love is the best thing in the woild. Except for a nice mutten lettuce and tomato when the mutten is nice and lean… mm… they’re so perky! But that’s not what he said!” “My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father… prepare to die.”

Big Fish - I love that the father was always just a little too big for this world. I love the unending devotion the mom had for the father. I always completely lose it at the end, when the son, finally understanding his father, tells the final adventure, carrying him off to the river, parading past the cast of characters, waving goodbye before being released. And then at the funeral when the characters are retelling the adventures… you can’t hear any of their words. You only see their expressions and gestures... and their smiles. I always think about my eventual “last party” and hope that my “guests” will be doing something similar.

Forrest Gump - So many simple truths about life in one little movie. I’m always amazed  how I can be Jenny in life, striving, searching, chasing… and really, if I’m a little more Forrest, I’ll fall ass-backwards into the good things in life.

Now it’s your turn. Which three movies would you take with you if you were stranded at visiting your in-laws for a month?


Elizabeth Yarnell said...

Good pick for the Princess Bride! One of my all-time favorites, too. "Twoo love!"

If I were holed up somewhere for a while, I'd get the compiled seasons of Ugly Betty, Madmen, and the Office, since I rarely watch network tv it would all be new to me.

I'm also a big fan of Bring it On. What can I say? It's the best and worst of high school, an update from the Breakfast Club mold.

Marfa said...

Wow, only three movies, huh? Well, I have several favorites of the Drama genre, but after a while it would be too much drama. So I'm going to painfully set aside some favorites and pick from different genres. Here it goes:

Steel Magnolias: I LOVE every actress in that movie. Besides, who can't use a good cry once in a while? Who wouldn't want to have their hair done by Dolly Parton and be mothered by Sally Field?

Driving Miss Daisy: OK, more drama, but I can't lie. I adore this movie. Miss Daisy's house is like such a grandmotherly house. The development of her relationship with her driver, the deep friendship that forms against all odds and the lessons to be learned from Miss Daisy makes this movie such a classic! Besides, I'm a hardcore fan of Morgan Freeman.

Robin Hood, Men In Tights: This would be my comic relief. I can recite this movie line for line: We didn't land on Sherwood Forrest, Sherwood Forrest landed on us! "

"I am really pissed off!" (as he hangs from a horse, head first)
"If I were you I wouldn't worry about being pissed off, I'd worry about being pissed ON."

Oh yes, that movie keeps in stitches!

Anonymous said...

I love your movie picks!

Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

I would need The American President (because I love that movie even though I profess to hate any and all romantic comedied). My name is Andrew Shepard and I AM the President. So good.

Then I would need something to remind me of my friends... so I would bring Sex and the City, the movie. That way I can avoid being catty to my MIL and watch them be catty instead.

Last I would need something bloody like Jaws or a Nightmare on Elm Street. Not a classic, but watching violence on TV could possibly save my in laws' lives.

Angie A. Swartz said...

First thing Sugar, have to say how happy I am that I we met in person this past weekend. You are a super hero kinda chicha--MY PLEASURE to know you! As far as movies go, it depends on what kind of mood I'm in. Today, I'm home with a cold, trying to push out some work but really just wanting to lie on the sofa in my jammies watching a movie beside the fire. Here goes:

A Knight's Tale: I love Heath Ledger in this movie as the underdog who gets the girl and beats the rich guy. The dance scenes of medieval times with modern music totally do it for me too. I also love the female blacksmith!

Living Out Loud: Holly Hunter, Queen Latifah and Danny Devito rock in this story of three people who form an unlikely friendship bond after Holly Hunter's character goes through a rebirth spawned by divorce. The music is fabulous too as the Queen sings the classics. This is a must see.

Love Actually: I'm picking this today because it's a film I can watch over and over at the holidays. A great romantic comedy with several different love stories. Light and bubbly and would be fun to drink to and play cards with while waiting to be rescued.

Because I always like to push the envelope, I'll list a few more in case you decide to let me bring them: American Beauty, Grosspoint Blank, Speed, The Matrix, The Big Chill, About Last Night, All of The Grumpy Old Men Movies, and Love Affair(Beatty/Benning's remake of an Affair to Remember).

Angie A. Swartz
@aaswartz on Twitter

MonkeyGirl said...

Three? I have to pick only three? Ok, I guess I can play by the rules...

"Office Space" - There was a point in time where I didn't et this movie but it is so my life now. I seriously want to take a copier out in a field and smash it!

"The Shawshank Redemption" - I don't know why I love this movie but I do. Even though the odds are great, you can come up with a plan and make it through.

Finally, "Interview with a Vampire" - Brad Pitt and Christian Slater - need I say more!!

But if I had some serious time on my hands I would watch all 4 seasons of LOST back to back. I can't wait for January!!

Anonymous said...

Bravo for Forrest Gump!

Rowena said...

My three

Strictly Ballroom. Love it. Baz Luhrman. Love the dance scene at the end and the grandma who reminds me of my grandma and the quote, to live with fear is a life half lived.

Singing in the Rain, for a little dancing and Gene Kelly. (which knocked 50 First Dates out of the running, even though I love the end when she wakes up to the best day of her life, every day.)

And, only a slight cheat, the whole of the BBC Pride and Prejudice. It's one movie, really,just in installments. That's some good Jane Austen time.

Cindy said...

Sabrina-all time favorite movie
Princess Bride- I love it, my in-laws can't stand it :-)
Facing the Giants-I might need this to help me survive.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing I love more than watching a good movie. I especially love watching them in the environment they were intended, the theatre. However, as of late not so much. I can guarantee you the people who are going to talk through the entire movie will sit behind or next to me. Sigh!

My three choices:

Cinema Paradiso - It's about love and the love of film.

Bread & Tulips - About a woman who for a short time thinks about and creates a life for herself.

It's A Wonderful Life- I'm a sucker for a lesson and a happy ending!

TexasRed said...

I love "Princess Bride." It amazes me that my husband has seen it only once.

Wonderful list of movies here from everyone. I'm not sure what my 3 would be, but "Neverending Story" would probably be one of them

smussyolay said...

does it amaze you that i've NEVER seen princess bride??

my three --

1. o brother where art thou -- george clooney plus coen brothers = gold.

2. say anything -- john cusack and ione skye. yum.

3. blues brothers -- lots of music and dancing and john belushi and dan aykroyd!!

iStone said...

I'm not a mom... not even a gal. Am I still allowed to answer? If I am, here's my answer:

I carry a 160GB iPod Classic, filled with thousands of my favorite songs and movies. If I had to limit that movie list to just three titles, I'd have to go with these "The Passion Of The Christ", "The Genius Club", and Walt Disney's, "The Three Lives Of Thomasina."

The "Passion" would be my anchor, my foundation, my reminder of Hope. The Genius Club would help me remember why I'm here. Sweet Thomasina would remind me to remain humble, even on "my own island". :)

Naomi said...

I totally can not pick just here are some of my top 20...def The Princess Bride (how do you not love that movie?!), The Boondock Saints, Amelie, Memento, Legend of the Iron Monkey, Moonstruck, Secretary, The Philadelphia Story, Labyrinth....I could go on and on...

Hey! When's this contest starting?

Sugar said...

I am now passing on my old stand by movies and adding all of these movies to my Netflix line up. How could I have forgotten so many aweome flics? Oh Brother Where Art Thou was a great pic. Oh, and Steel Magnolias! Love it! Reminded me that I haven't seen Fried Green Tomatoes in a while. Tawanda!! And the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice is one of my all time snuggle up and watch for days kind of movie!

You all are great movie buffs. Thanks for sharing your faves!

Ann said...

Okay, this question is OVERwhelming bc I am a total movie buff. I will answer this, and probably change my mind immediately. At this moment though:

Gosford Park
Sense and Sensibility
Love Actually

LovingDanger said...

Love Princess Bride. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Almost as much as I love "A League Of Their Own"