Monday, December 22, 2008

Memed Again...

I got tapped again to post some narcissistic nuggets. Immediately, I thought, what the heck... how bad could it be to list the Seven Weird Things About Me? Well, according to the Wiki entry on Memes, a simple element of ideas could actually be quite detrimental to it's host. Should I risk losing any new readers by divulging my weirdness?

Screw it... here goes:

1) I chew ice. Lots and lots. All damn day. Yes, I do have dental issues, among my other "issues."

2) I hated Shirley Temple when I was a kid, not because she wasn't cute, sweet, and talented, but because I wanted to be the cute, sweet, and talented girl on TV.

3) I love Barry Manilow. I would love to see him in Vegas. That is all.

4) I used to be able to do the splits against a wall and back-walk-overs on a balance beam. Last time I tried to do either, my chiropractor charged me double.

5) I dyed my hair blonde for a year and a half because women at the park thought I was my daughter's Mexican nanny and kept asking how much I charge. Bitches.

6) My 13th birthday landed on a Friday the Thirteenth. I think it was also a full moon. It was a fun night, so from then on, Friday the 13ths are always celebrated with aplomb.

7) When I was a kid, I wanted to follow in my grandpa's shoes and become a radio DJ. I used to tape pretend radio shows with sound effects and everything. Unfortunately, I was never picked up for syndication.

So now I'm supposed to tag seven more people... but my last attempt bombed and I don't do well with failure. Besides, I'd rather have you leave your weirdness here. Weirdest comment wins a small prize!

Dig deep people! ;)


Oh, and here's part of the Wiki entry for Meme:

A meme (pronounced /miːm/) is unit or element of cultural ideas, symbols or practices that transmit from one mind to another through speech, gestures, rituals, or other imitable phenomenon. The term is derived from the Greek word mimema for mimic.

Meme-theorists contend that memes evolve by natural selection in a manner similar to that of biological evolution influencing an individual entity's reproductive success. Memes are ideas that are spread by the behaviors that they generate in their hosts. Memes that propagate less prolifically may become extinct, while others survive, spread, and (for better or for worse) mutate. Theorists point out that memes which replicate the most effectively spread best, and some memes may replicate effectively even when they are detrimental to the welfare of its host.


Rowena said...

I get overwhelmed with the meming and awards and end up dropping the ball, it's true. so let me think.

I am a half Puerto Rican, half wasp born in the Bronx and raised Buddhist. Lemme tell you, I was the only one on the block... pretty much any block.

I come from a long line of Curanderas (Puerto Rican wisewomen/witches/healers) and do in fact continue the tradition with my tarot reading.

I love to snack on pepperoni. Straight from the stick. I'll sit there and hack off hunks with a knife.

I have a midget toe. Second piggie on my left foot. In fact, I think it's getting shorter.

I didn't have a boyfriend until I was 23. I think I spent too much time reading.

I can't bear to buy anything that I can make myself, even if I will never make it.

I have a degree in literature and enjoy literary fiction, as well as fine films, but I REALLY dig a good popular block buster movie and a well written Science Fiction or Fantasy novel. I do not discriminate according to Hi/Lo Culture. Just quality.

Jen F said...

My pinky fingers are slightly bent.

I hate to bowl, but am fascinated by bowling shoes.

When watching baseball games, I prefer to sit on the third base line. Because most players are right-handed. Yaknow?

I laugh out loud to jokes I tell myself in my mind.

I can touch my tongue to the tip of my nose.

Cottage cheese is my favorite topping for chili.

Traffic causes me to panic. Mildly, but still... I panic.

Gwynne said...

I'm majoring in Philosophy and Psychology, minoring in Math and English. I took a year off college, and go back next fall.

That doesn't sound too weird does it?

I have the word Bullshit on my college transcript. True story. I took a philosophy class called "Lies, Deception, and Bullshit."

I've only gotten a 3.5 in two classes, on the 4.0 grade scale. One was a Philosophy class. The other was a Phys Ed class.

Other than that, straight 4.0s. I've taken every Philosophy class my community college has. Thus the reason I took a year off, and am transferring to the local state university.

Still not weird enough?

I'm a Tarot reader. Pair that with the uber-rational Philosopher side of me... And I mean uber-rational... my focus in Philosophy is... wait for it... Logic.

I hate peanut butter. I mean I despise it. I can't even stand the smell of it. Unless I'm pregnant. In fact, that's how I know that I'm pregnant. I start craving peanut butter.

Let's see... I'm dating my [ex] Husband. And yes, his GF knows. And approves. We get along better un-married than we did married.

At times, I've been told that it was medically impossible for me to be conscious. While I was arguing with the doctor. My heart rate was 20 beats per minute, and my blood pressure was 70/40. My resting heart rate is between 40 and 50 bpm. And I'm NOT in shape. By any measure of the word.

I got memed, too, posted on my blog over at

I was worried that maybe I was too weird LOL

When my [ex] Husband moved out, and started taking all of his stuff, I was okay with it. Until he tried to take the dragons off the wall. Then I broke down. I still have those dragons on my wall. I actually prefer faeries. But I will not give up those dragons.

I'm allergic to the sun. 20 minutes in the sun, and I blister. Even with the strongest sun block on, applied every half hour, I still burn, though that does reduce the blistering. I'm a bit of a recluse because of that.

Anonymous said...

1.) I am afraid of clowns, not just scared, ut break out in sweats, heart racing afraid! (Thanks Mr. King and Penny Wise)

2.)I secretly want another baby, but won't admit it to hubby.

3.)I re-arrange the furniture all over the house constantly, even though I know it drives hubby nuts. Somehow everything feels good and new when I do this.

4.) I can pick things up with my toes, not just grab, but write and or manipulate them too.

5.) I have always loved horses, and owned a few over the years. I would do it again in a heart beat too, if i thought hubby wouldnt string me up alive.

6.) starting the new business scares me to death, and makes me excited at the same time.

Jackal said...

This could be fun, or not.

1) I have a really long index toe (next to the great toe). Don't read anything into that. I was teased about it by people who were permitted to see it until I noticed that ALL the statues of pharaohs have the same long toe.

2) I can say hello and maybe one or two other things in 25 languages. I can only hold a (childlike) conversation in French and Mandarin but I'm pretty good with English and Spanish. My twitter name is wo de go, which means "my dog" in Chinese. My avatar is my dog.

3) I flew directly over the North Pole last year and I can report that everything's fine. We were flying in Summer at 600mph and there was nothing but ice and snow for like 12 hours.

4) I sneaked away with my fiance to get a marriage license in an adjacent county only find myself suddenly standing next to my high-school girlfriend and then walking step-for-step up the courthouse stairs. She was with her fiance and headed to the license office, too. She and I married four years later.

5) I never finished college because when I was manager at the campus radio station I spotted some irregularities in the Student Services budget and editorialized against them. The station was investigated suddenly for ostensibly other reasons and the turmoil, hearings, etc., prevented me from meeting my obligations. The next year the School's business manager - who warned me away and threw a punch at me - was indicted and went to prison. The school never acknowledged my role or apologized.

6) I have never grown up and I think its cool at my age to find women attractive whether they're 30 or 60. This should probably be point one.

7) I'm very creative and I would like to be invited to a think tank for the CIA or military where I could contribute to developing a spy device or a weapon or something.

Ah, I feel better.

Jack @wodego

Naomi said...

1. When I was 16 I went to the Limelight for Halloween dressed as a she-devil wearing a spiked dog collar...which turned was a good thing since some strange man grabbed me and tried to kiss my neck.

2. Pre-baby I used to go through an entire 1.75L of vodka and still be sober...I only bought the rot gut stuff at home, but would only drink top shelf when I was out.

3. I use to drive a Chevy S-10 Blazer painted a dark neon blue, w/ neon lights underneath, strobe lights in the back, tinted windows w/ a big marvin the martian sticker on the back w/ a system so loud that I use to win db drag races.

4. I still have all my childhood stuffed animals b/c I feel guilty when I try to get rid of they're sad :(

5. The only book I have ever re-read is Beauty by Robin McKinley

6. I've always dreamt of being a truck driver and driving cross country for a living and my cb handle would've been the same as my old bbs one...Black Widow

7. I drew a tattoo that can forevermore be seen on the chest of my ex b/f george.

(my verification word was one letter off from my daughter's name lol)

Amber said...

1--I got a degree in International Studies because I wanted to work in foreign affairs in our politics. But now I work in the "pr0n" industry.

2--I consider myself a feminist, and yet I have VERY FEW actual female friends because I can't STAND being around women most of the time.

3--I flat out refuse to date men who are born under the sign of Aquarius. In my experience, it always winds up being a love/hate relationship, and I only have room for one Aquarius male in my life--my dad.

4--I come from a typical small town Southern family where people get married and start having kids at a young age (like 19). I'm 28, still unmarried, still no kids, and not planning on doing EITHER anytime soon, if ever.

5--I like chocolate, I like peanut butter (especially Reese's peanut butter). But I HATE Reese's peanut butter cups. Chocolate and peanut butter should NEVER mix when it comes to my mouth.

6--I like metal music. But I don't look or dress the part. in fact, most people say they would peg me for a Tori Amos fan. I tell them to talk to my bf, he's the Tori Amos fan. I don't like most female singer/songwriters. That's probably why I pick a music genre that is about 90% male.

7--I HAVE to keep my hands busy. It's why I spend so much time at the computer typing. but it's also why I took up knitting. I tend to take some knitting with me almost everywhere I go so I have something to do with my hands. I also talk with my hands a lot and I give great massages because rubbing someone is another way to keep my hands busy (with their permission, of course.) My friends love to come over and ask for backrubs though.

Marcia said...

This is a good idea for comments!

1) I'm 23 years old, own my own house, own my own car, have a kid, pay my own college tuition, and my parents live with ME (no financial input from them). Weird.

2) The smallest 2 toes on both feet don't bend. My daughter finds this amusing.

3) When I'm sick, I dunk saltines in a glass of milk and eat almost a whole pack.

4) I'm constantly praised at my job for doing so well, but I don't like it. I rather be helping people somehow but I'm sure it wouldn't pay my mortgage, car payment, etc.

5) I LOVE the smell of auto part stores. Really. They smell so good.

6) Runny eggs make me vomit. I can't stand to even look at one even slightly undercooked. Instant nausea.

7) I hate coffee. Yuck. But I like mocha lattes, cappuchino, and moo lattes from DQ. It's just flavored coffee, I know.

@learningmama on Twitter :-)

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! I used to be able to do back-walkovers on balance beams too!
So glad I found your blog via #journchat.

Best to you!

nicólle said...

Seven Weird Things...

1. I like to mop my floor barefoot- that way I know its clean!

2. I think pumpkin seeds and clemintine oranges taste good together.

3. I'm Cuban/Irish, and don't look hispanic at all. So one time I was in a store and a lady asked me where something was in spanish, I replied back that my record player was broken - in spanish ofcourse.

4. I love the smell of babies' breath. Not the flowers, actual babies.

5. One time at band camp... I wasn't in the band, and I don't play an instrument but I wish I did, or at the very least sing. If I could sing and it sounded nice I wouldn't talk. Just Sing.

6. I sometimes snort when I laugh... on purpose. My DH thinks its cute.

7. I'm tierd, I should be sleeping, but I'm not. That's not weird, but I fear my brain is shutting down.
OH and....
I think your fabulous - Here's an award -

Sugar said...

This list is hard. You guys are all pretty freaking weird! ;)

Rowena: I can totally see you as a curandera. My mom used to visit one named Mariquita when I was young. Loved her like a grandma.

Jen: Do we need to have a Minolo Blahnik intervention?

Gwynne: I promise never to take your dragons.

Shellie: Clowns are the scariest creatures on earth. Period!

Jackal: #4 sounds like a book waiting to be written...

Naomi: #3. Seriously? hehehehe... I'm totally fascinated by your trucker dream. Will you honk when you get to my house if we do the "pull" sign?

Amber: Dude, how can you hate Reese's Peanut Butter cups? How???

Nicole: Now I *have* to taste pumpkin seeds and clementine oranges together... just to know...
(and thanks for the Fabulous. I think you're pretty fabulous, yourself!)

The weirdest, though, has got to be the LOVE of the smell of autoparts stores. There's got to be an interesting story behind that... Marcia, email me at for your small prize.

Paisley Raven said...

I've already been pegged for the 7 weird things, but as I was typing them, I actually had more. SO:

1. I hate hate HATE peas. When Diva makes anything containing either she pulls a portion aside for me.

2. I also hate beans, & when Diva makes chili I eat something else.

3. My daughter Tweety is named after a preacher I knew as a pre-teen in Dallas. He runs the Fair Park Friendship Center on Rowan Ave and I have never forgotten that man and his unconditional love for God and me.

4. All of my sons are named after their fathers: Ben Jr, Jamin (as in benJAMIN) and Steele (middle name). Yeh, I know.

5. I am proud of my daughter bc she came out to me as bi @ age 12. I couldn't come out until my early 20s, *after* I gave up trying to be a "good" ( translate: *straight*) Christian and became a Witch.


Roguepuppet said...

wait wait.
Your birthday is on the 13th? what month??
My 33rd Birthday was a Friday the 13th and it was a full moon..... I spent it wandering around in the woods with friends, on a camping trip..getting lost until the sound of the newarby boy scouts rescued us.