Monday, November 3, 2008


I have hope in life. It's a hope that comes from knowing that whatever the outcome on Tuesday... or Wednesday... or God forbid, later than that... whatever the outcome, my hope for this country and faith in her people remains. It is the people of the country, after all, that send representatives to Washington. It is the people who rally behind a man. It is the people that have the power to say enough.

In these last few days, as the election tightens up, some rats have been jumping ship, just in case. That phenomena is always amazing to me. Those are the people that I wonder about. They go where they think they will have the most to gain. They were not undecided. They always knew who they were backing. Themselves. But the real undecideds... the ones that have been courted for so many weeks now... the people that some wonder how they could not already have a decision... they are the reason I feel a renewed sense of hope.

I know that I am not on one side or the other merely for the sake of sticking to a party. I even took some quizzes with multiple questions on issues. I wasn't 100% in lock-step with my candidate of choice, but we were only separated on two questions on the same issue. I know of one undecided who also took an issues quiz. She was split right down the middle. I don't envy her tomorrow.

But I wonder, with so many people's beliefs about life and the role of government falling on both sides, left and right, is the notion of red states versus blue states going to hold much longer? How many times have I heard the talking heads on news shows call some states purple? A third camp is becoming more identifiable and making for a great conversation. I know there will always be crazies from the far sides of both the Republican and Democratic parties. But the ones that want to have logical conversations on how we are going to be good stewards of this country for the next generation? Who is representing these purples?

And that's where my hope lies... in the people that will come up to speak for those that are not getting their questions answered... the people that know that this is more than the next four or the last eight... the people that love this country more than one party or one man. My hope lies in the real change that is coming. Not the one that we'll vote for or against on Tuesday. The hope in the people and the palpable change in the air...


Rowena said...

I truly believe that we should get rid of the two party system because all politics seem to have become maintaining Republican and/or Democratic power... not the people at all. It's all about the parties.

I don't know if the powers that be would ever support getting rid of the system that has entrenched their power, though.

ps. the word verification is unfier... which is only one letter from unifier. Hmmmm. VERY interesting.

Ruahines said...

Kia ora Sugar,
I agree with Rowena in that the states does need a viable alternative to the outmoded traditional two party system where the lines blur between the real differences between them.
Here in New Zealand we have the MMP system whereby each citizen has two votes. One for the local candidate they wish to elect to parliament, and one vote for the party they wish to see represented there. Any party getting over 5% of the party vote gains seats in the national paliament, or proportional representation. It came in in 1993 when I moved here and I am now very much in favour of it. While most citizens it can be said love their countries, we love it in different ways, for different reasons, economic, religous, environmental, ect. We need voices from all areas to be heard.
In any case, an exciting day, the interest here in New Zealand is fantastic and people are hoping to see history made. Kia ora Sugar.