Friday, June 20, 2008


This week's full moon threw me... as usual.

I prepare for full moons like the Wolfman. My given name (which apparently I chose) is another name for which Diana, Goddess of the Moon is called. When I was a kid, my friends and I picked Hippie Names. Mine was Moon. I didn't know then the truth in that. My soul has just always been drawn to the moon.

One of my monthly rituals is to watch the full moon rise. It's so big and comforting when it's low and glowing behind the silhouette of the world below. Then through the trees, it begins to shrink a bit. Once up high among the stars, it's all but reduced to a tiny light bulb in the darkness. I KNOW that it doesn't change. It's the same size the whole way through the sky. Smarter and more patient people than me have measured it. It's only our perspective of the moon against all of the physical things in life that we can relate to. Mountains. Houses. Trees. But in the expanse of the eternal heavens, that moon sure does look tiny.

That’s because we can’t measure “forever.”

My Sweet Sixteen-Year-Old once said that she loved me "all the way to the gas station." For her, walking to the gas station where our bus picked us up in the morning was FAR. She used to cry the whole way telling me she was dying and to please carry her. To her, it was like walking across the world. It was only one city block away. Not that far really. But when she said "I love you all the way to the gas station," she was telling me that she loved me a lot. I thought it was so sweet and smiled every time she said it. But if I wouldn't have understood how far she perceived the gas station to be, how might I have responded?

We measure things, good and bad, based on our perspective of, or rather our relationship to those things. For instance, what is your relationship with money? What did it mean to you growing up? For some, the same numbers, or amounts, may mean rich or poor... want versus need... better or worse. One person might think having it means power. For another, it might mean security. If someone makes you part with it, would they be challenging your power or depriving your family of security? If so, the exchange of that paper may come with some anger or resentment. If it's in exchange for more of the same (power or security), the feelings will likely be positive.

Time… what is your perception of that? For me, time is worth so much more than money. So when someone else doesn't honor my time the way I do, I get a little... I don't know... I wouldn't say mad, but I do feel off a bit. When I'm in a meeting with someone, I'm constantly monitoring the clock to make sure that our agenda stays on time and that we accomplish our goals in that meeting because I want to honor that time set aside. But when I have an afternoon of just hanging out planned, the clocks all disappear so that the time spent relaxing or playing with family or friends is truly enjoyed.

Time and Money are just two forms of energy that we exchange for other experiences. They aren't numbers really. They can only be measured that way because we humans like to attach the finite to the infinite. Just like we like to say how big the moon is behind the mountain and are amazed as it shrinks next to the stars. The problem with our perspective is...

we have no idea how large the stars are.



D'Arcy said...

I feel a bit daunted to be the first to make a comment on such a remarkable post as this. I have been thinking a lot about the value we give things (and was just about to blog on this too, it must be the moon!) What I have come to think is that we live our life through concepts and perceptions we were taught. We were taught concepts about right and wrong, about good and bad, about ugly and beautiful. They are just concepts, but we believe them.

As I have been digging through some of the concepts that I was raised believing I find it amazing just how beautiful so many things are that I didn't quite understand relation with money and time are two of those.

Another big one is envy. If you truly see the beauty in each person and most importantly believe yourself to be a beautiful person (I'm talking a little deeper than looks here, but looks have affected all of us, and been the source of envy for every girl I know) then there is no need for this envy concept. It becomes easily broken with your awareness. The only beauty between the beauty of one person and the beauty of another is the concept of beauty a person was raised with. I've been working on this one a lot so I can see each person, and most especially myself, as completely beautiful....with no comparisons.

Sugar said...

D'Arcy: I've never seen you before and I KNOW you are beautiful! Thanks for being the first to post.

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Bella Luna (can I call you that, Sugar?)... I too have always been fascinated by the moon. LOVE it. I always notice it. Every single night. When I used to work in an office, I would always bring it up - "Did you notice the moon last night?" and people would always look at me like I was nuts, or a witch, or something.

But ah, perspective.... interesting topic. And one that tends to change as we age, doesn't it? Things that used to be Really Important to me in my 20's, I could care LESS about now. And, vice versa, things that I didn't give much thought to in my 20s (ie my spiritual journey comes to mind) are now very much central to my life.

Yet another interesting topic.

Once again, it's really too bad that you, D'Arcy and I live in 3 different parts of the country... this would be a great late-night conversation at Starbucks. Maybe ONE DAY we can make that happen.
I would love that. :-)

Ruahines said...

Tena koe Sugar,
I remember waking up in a high mountain hut one night. I thought someone was shining a light in the window, and it gave me a start. Then I realized it was the full moon shining as brilliant as I have ever seen. I got up and walked out into the surrounding forest, all stunted beech trees twisted and turned because of the height and prevailing wind, and all dripping with these alpine mosses and lichens. It was a magical experience, the moon made the mosses translucent and glowing and the beeches came alive in the moonlight, one of the coolest experiences I have been fortunate to have on a full moon, or in the mountains. That time spent there in that moment cannot be measured in money. We need to place so much more importance on moments we let slip by pursuing other unimportant things. Kia ora for the memory and the reminder.