Saturday, June 28, 2008

Quiet Time and The Header

Yesterday's lunch meeting went well. I didn't puke. Aces! Better than that, though, was the lightness I felt as I walked in and saw familiar faces smiling and working to help each other succeed. Always so great to be in that kind of positive environment. But it was only momentary. I still felt somewhat anxious, physically. Like a low buzz that I couldn't shake. I realized later that I had been "too busy" to go out for my run that morning. The crunch of soft trails under my feet and the moments of silence tend to set my days aright. That time gets me straight in the head, giving me the strength and clarity to make it through each day.

And right now, I can't afford to be without strength or clarity.

I wonder if we all had that quiet time in the morning to get our heads straight... I wonder how life might improve not just for ourselves, but overall. The constant busy-ness looks productive, but what do we miss? What kind of lopsided relationship to busy-ness do we have? The busier, the better is what the world says, right? I know it's not true, but I still fall into the trap. So when I took that morning quiet time away from myself, my Spirit was robbed. I was off all morning. It wasn't until I was amidst friends in the afternoon that I finally felt like Sugar again. But that was almost the end of the day. A whole day!

I wonder what else I missed because of my busy-ness?

So, the header. Do you see it? The two sides of one girl? Identical in heart but outwardly different. It's a take on the drawing of the hand drawing a hand. But in this drawing, it's not about checking out each little fold in the knuckle. It's more analyzing the essence of the person. Taking a step back and looking at Self in the Third to understand why this little girl does what she does.

Do you see what they are doing? Each is completing the drawing of the other. The two sides becoming whole. When I saw the picture, I remember saying out loud, "YES! That's it!" Perfect for this little blog about living for real, not just in theory. About understanding what we do that takes away from who we are... and what we do to make the picture whole.

Now I'm off to run the trails and breathe deeply. I don't want to miss anything today.


Today's post was brought to you by the letter "B" for balance.



D'Arcy said...

B--for Beautyful

B--for Breathe

B--for Bask

B--for Believe

B--for Brilliant

I am fully convinced that I have robbed myself of many hours of calm. But, that's how I used to roll. I crave being productive, being busy, getting that rush at accomplishing something...

But, my thoughts have echoed yours this summer. This is the first summer in 10 years when I haven't planned a million things to do...planned tons of trips, made promises to hundreds of people.

This is the first summer when I do pilates and exercise and eat good food and take time to cook and take time to read and to blog and to watch movies and to take naps and to sit on my front porch and think. It has been a feast for my mind and soul.

Well done you for recognizing this! And for getting that jog in while working and mothering!

D'Arcy said...

oh my gosh, I spelled Beautiful wrong! I think I was just going to say Beauty, and then changed my mind. That just ruined anyone taking that post seriously!

c'est la vie

Naomi said...

holy crap! i can't believe i missed the whole drawing each other thing. the first thing that came to my mind was simply drawing on each other probably b/c i used to draw all over arms like a temporary tattoo. weird, i know.

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Excellent post, Sugar!
Sorry I have been gone from your blog for so long.... work and BUSY-NESS, you know! Argh!

And yes, you are right.
I started going back to the gym last week and the mental clarity you speak of is very MUCH apparent in my life as well. I thought to myself "You big dummy.... why don't you come to the gym every single DAY and get this!"

People should realize that all 3 (Mind, Body, Spirit) have to be healthy and cared for in order for the Whole Person to be happy and healthy.

Excellent post, sweet Sugar!