Saturday, June 14, 2008


Charity is a long time friend of City Girl. She's always been involved in our kids programs at church as well as a frequent visitor during high school (with refrigerator rights) at our Old House at the end of the cul-de-sac, so the babies consider her family. With that...

Overheard in my office today:

Banana Girl: "Hello, this is Chichen Itza Pizza!"

The Boy: "What's their order?"

Banana Girl: "They want a medium salad with tomotoes, rice, and ranch dressing."

The Boy: "I'll cook it on the stove."

Banana Girl (back to the caller on hold): "That'll be four dollars and five cents."

The Boy (cooking the salad on the stove): "How much money do we get?"

Banana Girl: "We're giving the money to charity."

The Boy (pauses, looks around, confused): "Where's Charity?"

Banana Girl: "You're Fired."



Jasmine said...

Hahahaha oh those silly kids. I love how Hannah fired Ryan...

D'Arcy said...

Like to see that she has a little Donald Trump in her! This is awesome. That's a deep question thought....where is charity?