Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Conversations this week are ringing in my head. And it's only Wednesday!

Ryan: Mom... when we were on the freeway, Hannah...

Me: Ryan... are you going to tattle on Hannah?

Ryan: No, I's just gonna tell you a story.


Me: Is this story going to get Hannah in trouble?

Ryan(without missing a beat):
Well, it's SUPPOSED to.

Oh my little man. Well, at least he was honest. Honesty in a man is so admirable. Probably because it is so rare.

There was a moment of I-Just-Can't-Help-Rubbing-It-In texting.

Ex(ish) husband: Happy Birthday :)
(The smiley face always makes me nervous...)

Me: Thank you. (almost hit send then added)
Another year sexier ;)
(that was me rubbin' it in...)

Then there was the conversation with the Captain of a group of about thirty Special Ops in Training gentlemen that came to sit with my friends and I at my birthday/girls night out/karaoke night.

Me: Sorry my friends and I are blocking the view of the cuties dancing.

Special Ops guy: Huh?

Me: Well, I just thought you guys would prefer a front row view to the action.

Special Ops guy: Uh, no... we all have daughters that age.

Special Ops friend: [wince-laughs]

Special Ops guy: We appreciate women like you.

I have not forgotten the word appreciate and the emphasis he put on it. Wow. I'm starting to get it...

Then there was the email from my self-excommunicated daughter. I'm going to respect her privacy by not divulging the words. They were wonderful to read and I am looking forward to whatever the future holds for us.


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