Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love and Logic

Sometimes I just can't sleep. A word... a thought... an inner demon keeps me restless until I get up and write. The other night, it was the word Logos. I scribbled some. It was good... but not enough.

So I Wiki'd. Here's what I got.

Aristotle defined logos as argument from reason. This form of argumentation is based in facts: numbers, polls, and mathematical data. Since data reasonably cannot be manipulated and tends to make the speaker look altogether smarter, logic usually wins over.

Jung's analytical psychology, the logos is the masculine principle of rationality and consciousness. Its female counterpart, was eros. Love.

Love? The opposite of Logic and Reason? Get out!

Intrigued, I clicked on. Eros, it seems was star-crossed in love with Psyche. Psyche is transcendently translated to mean "mind" or "soul" or a mingling of both. After some family meddling and drama and acceptance, Eros and Psyche have a daughter named Hedone, which means "pleasure." This story supposedly tells of how love can come when desire (Eros) starts to love a person's soul (Psyche) rather than that person's body.

So what happens when physical desire is all that a relationship is based on? What if you never make that leap to trust and understanding? Can a union continue interminably in the cycles of passion and pain? Based on the data...

the LOGICAL answer is no.

I have to say, I'm a little sad today. It's a cloudy Valentine's Day and I have no expectations of the florist ringing my doorbell. But I have a lot of hope. I'm finally figuring out what love is supposed to look like. I know it's what I've always wanted but I don't know that I ever thought I deserved it. But I do. Hallelujah! I do! And settling for the first half without the second half... well that would be like being a good girl and eating all my meatloaf but not getting some pie afterwards. That just isn't right. You know what I think?

I think I'd like my dessert now.

To those in passionate and trusting love... Happy Valentine's Day! You deserve it!

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Sugar said...

After reading this, a dear friend gave me a box of Dove chocolates. I just wanted to let her know... they were yummy! Thanks for the treat and for your kind thoughts.