Monday, January 7, 2008

Magic 8 Ball Resolutions

Oh rapturous joy. The time has come to resolve to do, be, achieve anything and everything. My heart leaps. No really... it does...

"This year I'll be more (insert insecurity here)."

I certainly don't mean to say that I do not endeavor to be a better person, but I beat myself up mercilessly year after year for not attaining my goals. Regardless of the fact that let's say "a friend" only loses twenty of the twenty-five pounds resolved to be lost on January First, "my friend" may feel like a failure rather than take into consideration that she is eating healthier, getting stronger, and feeling better. Why put myself... er rather, why should my friend put herself through that misery?

This is what I decided to do. For every resolution, I thought I'd offer it up to the Magic 8 Ball. Then at least I can know the outcome now and just go on being my same old self until next January. Sounds good to me! So here goes:

#1: Lose twenty pounds. (Probably only lose 15... cheeseburgers.)
MAGIC 8 BALL SAYS: "As I see it Yes"

Well... little 8 Ball's feelin' optimistic! Hmm...

#2: Work out 10 hours a week.
MAGIC 8 BALL SAYS: "Most Likely"

Crum... I didn't really want to do that one, but I know I should. Darn.

#3: Become a well-known family portrait photographer.
(I really do want this one... let's see what the M8B has to say.)
MAGIC 8 BALL SAYS: (drum roll) (Nervous? I am...)
(more drum roll) ~~~~~~~~~~~~ "It is certain"

Hot Dam!

Well... forget what I said earlier... looks like this year is going to be great!


PS: Hybrid Moms... check this resolutions article out... we've ALL been there...


Sugar said...

I don't need to be reminded of the irony that I am following convention by even making a list. Hence the 8 Ball.

Lela Davidson said...

Hmm, 8 Ball sounds like a great idea. I usually don't make resolutions either, but this year I decided to resolve to exercise every day. EVERY day. At least a little. Like at least taking the dog around the block a couple times even though that doesn't do much and doesn't work up a sweat. But 10 hours a week? That takes me back to my step aerobics, boxing, dancing, stepmaster, weightlifting days. Ah, youth! Good luck!

Miss Joy said...

I love it! And I love “insert insecurity here” – so true!