Tuesday, November 6, 2007

It's My (Last) Party

Some of the things you start to think about around the mid-life years can be exciting. Some are just plain depressing.

In re-evaluating my personal goals, I always keep in the back of my mind that A) I'm not getting any younger, and B) I'm on a bit of a time crunch. What's the one thing, other than taxes that you can always count on? Yep, the D word.

I'm kind of a freak about planning. However, since the day you die is the one thing you can't really set a date around, I thought I'd get all the other details taken care of ahead of time. My family already knows that if there isn't a bagpiper playing Amazing Grace, I'm coming back in their nightmares! I even started gathering the photos for my montage complete with Green Day's Time of Your Life playing in the background, of course. Like I said... I plan.

One detail I recently thought about is: Who would be speaking at my last party? Unfortunately, that's not really anything you can bank on but if I could, I would pick:

Roger Burns: my mentor and friend. He knows just how to say anything. He makes you think while making you laugh. If I could, I'd clone him so you could all have a Roger. A long time ago, he told me not to be afraid to go out on a limb... that's where the fruit is.

Julie Hollenbeck: my old Blue Bird pal. We went all through school together, from first grade to graduation. We walked down the aisles at each others weddings and cried through each others divorces. I swear God put us together. I would walk through the gates of Hell for this lady.

My Children: all of them. I don't know what they would say about me, but no one can give you the full scope of who I am better than these little creatures. Good or bad, I hope they are there to see me off with a word or two.

Not my husband. He'll be dead WAY before me! (Love you, honey, but you know it's true.)

So who would speak for you? Tell the stories to the grandkids? Make people laugh and cry and wish they would have known you better? For the more dramatic, feel free to choose anyone, dead or alive, real or fictional, famous or infamous.

Rest In Peace,


Vita Rotchford said...

Jeez...here I thought the 'd' word meant you were getting 'divorced' or had some horrible 'disease' like the 'c' word - 'cancer'
Glad to hear all is well, you are well, the kids are well, and that the only thing that is happening, is that yes, one day you will die, but at least your hubby will go first and meet you at the pearly gates. And here I thought we were going to have one 'last' big party before you died of cancer or died from a divorce.


My viral marketing worked! It's so funny... everyone else seems to think the D word means divorce, too. tee hee heee .... hope you commented! Need traffic!

okay... I just got on there... and you didn't comment. I would love to hear your answers to who you would like to speak at your funeral. Click on the comment link below the posting and then let the fingers do the speaking.

> Woman...did you not watch the secret???
Don't put energy towards things you don't want or don't want to happen....bad juju
No funeral talk.....or we will end up going to one...
How about who will talk at my honor ceremony for being an amazing woman who has achieved personal and spiritual success, health and a ton of wealth!! Good juju

THAT would make a GREAT comment... on MY BLOG!!!

I can't get on a blog from my horizontal lazy ass position on the couch...blackberry is exhausting enough
I will cut and paste our banter on your friggin blog tomorrow

I am laughing OUT LOUD! I miss working with you!!!! I can just see you giving me that over the shoulder what the f*&%! look... my daughter
wants to know why I am laughing so loud. Heeee heeeee heeeee...

Looking forward to the pasting :) Peace Out!

Yea yea...I miss you too!!
Nighty night sugar pants!!

Dr. Rupp said...

I would speak at your funeral :)

Dr Derek Rupp

"I can do all things with Christ who strengthens me. "

What you think about, You bring about!

Never never never give up…

Sistah said...

OK...very cool!

How did you do this? It looks great and I love the networking. Details please

Keep Smilin!
Stephanie a.k.a Sista

Lela Davidson said...

Sugar, I'm so honored to be one of your Cool People! How about instead of planning for your own funeral, a party while you're still around - like Vita said! Because really, once you're gone - who cares?

Sugar said...

Thanks to all of you who care about me... I really was only looking for traffic. Didn't mean to frighten anyone!

Next topic will be a lot "lighter" to keep it all balanced. :)

littlepurplecow said...

Great to connect with you, shuga'. I'd have to have my blog readers speak for me. Aside from my family, they know me best.