Tuesday, March 25, 2008

So, if you ever visit my "Cool People" section, you'll meet Little Purple Cow, author and photographer of Cool People I Know. She has challenged herself to do a daily self portrait. I shuddered at the thought. Me on the other side of the lens? I was nervous about capturing my image only because some days, my situation feels so raw. Then I thought about the things others would think... that I'm so self absorbed or boy does she look old... then I thought... F*em.

I'm not sure I can hold to the daily self portrait, but I think I'd like to track my restoration on a monthly basis. This is 03.01.08. I obviously ruminated over this decision for a while. Maybe the April issue will come out on time. That is, if I give myself permission not to care what you think.

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Sugar said...

This goes in line with #28 on the Sappy Feel Good Chain Emails posting... check out the rest of the list!