Sunday, January 11, 2009

Indulge Yourself

I'm happy to introduce you all to this week's Making It Happen Mama, Kelli Parisian of Pure Indulgence, a product line that turns five next month. Kelli believes in connecting with clients and giving value for every dollar spent. Her business is built on integrity, not hype. She saw a need in her industry and filled it. And by filling that need and following a dream, she created her skin care line. Here's her story... AND a chance to win some of her fabulous products:

Hello! I'm Kelli Parisian, a 53 year old Single Christian woman and the Mom of two beautiful daughters Brianna and Brittany. Aside from business and family, my other "passion" is gourmet cooking & entertaining. I consider myself to be a Foodie. Parisian's Pure Indulgence. Inc. consists of myself, my daughter Brittany, my assistant Ariel, and Aesthetician Tiffany. Brittany is just beginning an Aesthetician program this month. My hope is that one day she'll take over the reigns of my company. But not any time soon...

I started in the beauty business as a manicurist specializing in natural nails twenty nine years ago. I saw the need to create something more for my clients... more of a Spa Manicure experience. I soon realized I couldn't create the luxurious experience I desired with the limited products offered to manicurists. That's when began a six month journey of researching every scrub, creme, lotion, & body oil out there. I wanted to see what made them special and began a quest to understand ingredient labels. What I found was synthetics, fillers, alcohols, harsh preservatives, and high levels of fragrances in the majority of products available. I wanted to do something different. I dreamed of formulating a product that would be effective, yet pure and safe for those of us with sensitive skin. Above all, I wanted my clients to have a luxurious experience.

So, at age 48, with my understanding of how ingredients work together (gourmet cooking background, remember?), I formulated and whipped up a sugar scrub, called Sugared Butter Whip. I took it into the salon to use on my clients. The response from my clients was incredible! I whipped up 40 containers hoping to sell them all during the holidays. Well, I ended up selling an additional 200 containers in one month! Parisian's Pure Indulgence was born. My daughters and I spent endless hours labeling containers and packaging scrubs as holiday gifts every night that December. After that success, I formulated two other body products. Soon, I was being asked about facial care products because my clients were demanding the same purity for their face. At that point, I aligned myself with an incredible natural skin care formulator and together, we have expanded my line to nearly 40 products!

The challenges in the first couple of years were to educate myself in all area's of business, from legalities (incorporating, insurance, trademarks), web sites, accounting, and marketing. I made a few mistakes along the way, but learned from them. Another challenge I still have is balancing business and personal life. I'm still working on that...

Because I'm very comfortable in the Salon/Spa setting, speaking with Salon owners has been easy for me and today Parisian's Pure Indulgence products are found in a number of high end salons and spas. Our web business continues to grow as well, but one of my most cherished business values is staying connected to my customers. I enjoy being a "boutique" skin care company. It allows me to have a personal relationship with the men and women that are benefiting from our products.

My advice to other women beginning a business is to find a mentor, and take things slowly. Educate yourself in every aspect of business. Remember there is a big difference between cash flow and profit. Keep that in mind when pricing your product, no matter what it is. Do what you're passionate about and don't compromise integrity. Also, I truly believe in giving first. A core personal value of mine is to give of myself, to help others any way I can. I consider it a privilege.

Parisian Pure Indulgence is pleased to participate in Sugar's Making It Happen Mama Monday. As a gift to one of her lucky readers, we are offering the opportunity to win a Pink Eco-Friendly Tote filled with of over $200.00 worth of facial care and body care treatments. All you have to do is sign up for our newsletter at Parisian Pure Indulgence. You'll receive tips and discounts from Pure Indulgence, and of course, a chance to win! The winner will be announced on Wednesday in the comments of this post.

Enjoy Indulging!

Kelli and her girls:


BrandyEllen said...

Wow that is an inspiring story! I agree it's hard to juggle personal and business time, especially when you have your own business. I do not have my own business (YET) but do work as independent consultant for Gold Canyon. I thank you for this post, so informative and inspirational! ((HUGS))

Twitter Name: @brandyellen

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sugar for sharing Kelli with us. I feel inspired and already signed up for her newsletter. It so wonderful to hear from success women that are also Moms :)

Super Nova said...

Wow. That's inspiration, pure and simple.

Jessi said...

Such a great story and awesome giveaway

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